Maven Genetics Guide: Craft Indoor Cannabis Flower & Concentrates At Valley Pure

Maven Genetics is your answer to premium exotic indoor cannabis in California. Maven was brought to life with one goal—consistent, clean, and affordable cannabis that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or terpenes. With that in mind, Maven Genetics has created some of the best high-quality strains we know and love at Valley Pure. Their hyper-focused approach to the process means from seed to sale. They are in control.

The team at Maven has over 20 years of experience in the California cannabis community. They cultivate unique and award-winning strains and curate top-shelf products for every cannabis consumer. At Maven, they aren’t just clocking in for a job; they go to work doing what they love. Maven Genetics stands by its core values of freedom, well-being, and authenticity to deliver some of the best flower, concentrates, and vapes on the market today. You can find a complete selection of Maven Genetics at any Valley Pure, where our knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you for your next session. 


Blueberry Skittles 

Maven has cornered the cannabis market with premium exotic strains that might complement any experience. Blueberry Skittles, one of their best-selling strains at Valley Pure, are sure to leave you coming back for more. Coming in at a hefty 30% THC, this potent sativa-leaning strain is a heavy hitter. Blueberry Skittles potentially settles as a heady high with cerebral effects. This might induce serious physical relaxation while keeping your mind sharp and creative. As the name suggests, Blueberry Skittles from Maven has a fruity terpene profile complemented by its spicy aroma. Blueberry Skittles comes on as a wave of fresh berries and potential energy.

L.A. Rouge 

L.A. Rouge is a hybrid cross between Cherry West BX and their original Kashmir Kush. The crosses make this strain a rich, yet balanced experience for all levels of cannabis enthusiasts. L.A. Rouge comes from an OG lineage that you have to smell to believe. Its terpene-rich buds are pale green and purple perfection, with an intense gassy nose. The sweet undertones are reminiscent of candy confections and pair well with its piney notes. You might expect a powerful relaxation from L.A. Rouge that calms any physical stress. This potentially soothing strain might come with a calm head high and overall euphoric enhancement to your mood. 

Kashmir Kush 

Maven has gone above and beyond with their in-house favorite, Kashmir Kush. Brought to us from a blend of their proprietary OG, the Kashmir Kush plant is as pretty as it is potent. Kashmir Kush displays vibrant colors that only draw further attention to its beauty. This pungent strain matches notes of earth with a sweet and fruity flavor. The strong terpene profile heightens its naturally sweet aroma. You’ll get more than hints of citrus fruit, with tart cherry and ripe plum popping through. Kashmir Kush works to potentially alleviate and relieve aches and pains while slipping you into a euphoric head high. As an original flavor from Maven Genetics, this flower is in heavy rotation at Valley Pure. 

Brûlée Pre-Roll 5 Pack 

Maven knows convenience and cannabis go hand in hand, making no exception with their Brûlée Pre Roll 5 Pack. This cross of Peanut Butter Breath and Garlic Butter is a terpene-rich strain dripping in an earthy aroma. Although its name reminds you of a sweet dessert, its lineage is an aromatic and powerful combination. Brûlée packs a punch with its potentially sedative effects. This 5 pack is great for sharing or enjoying alone, ready to potentially provide both mental and physical relief.


Sour Lemon Skywalker Live Resin 

Although the name may seem to give it away, Sour Lemon Skywalker from Maven Genetics is a delicious dose of dabs. This Live Resin is one of a kind with its crosses of Mavens’ very own Sour Lemon Mac and Skywalker OG. Maven has consistent concentrates with this honey-like Live Resin hitting it out of the park. This intense citrus Live Resin hits fast and fresh with notes of tart lemon and pine. Its flavor profile is complemented by its impeccable aroma, like lemonade in the sun. This terpene-rich strain melts perfectly for a dab that tastes as good as it smells. Sour Skywalker Lemon Live Resin potentially brings you a tingly body high that matches with its heady buzz. With its potentially stimulating cerebral effects and intense body buzz, Sour Lemon Skywalker is Mavens’ answer to unwanted stress. 

Tropicana Cookies Sauce Cartridge 

Tropicana Cookies may be a name we all know and love, but you haven’t seen it like this. Maven Genetics brings us this infamous cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie to create a flavor profile unlike any other. In their convenient 510 thread cartridges, you’ll find a delicious sauce that powers you up. This well-rounded strain might bring you balance with a potentially high focus and drive after enjoying. Tropicana Cookies might settle into a warm, relaxing body high that leaves you blissfully calm.

You can find even more from Maven Genetics at all four Valley Pure locations. Visit one of the four menus below to start shopping online for the freshest products from Maven.




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