Almora Farm Guide: Affordable Sun-Grown Flower & Cannabis Concentrates At Valley Pure

Almora Farm is the most affordable brand for fresh and flavorful cannabis products in California. They are committed to creating consistent cannabis that’s high quality, single-origin, and clean. They are hands-on in their farms located across California agricultural hot spots. The result is some of the finest and freshest sun-grown cannabis in the state. They’ve even recently begun producing an equally potent and low-cost line of concentrates.

Almora Farm brings premium cannabis to consumers at an affordable price point. They use natural, organic farming techniques to curate their flower. Every flower is sun-grown and hand-trimmed for a true California cannabis experience. They pack their flower airtight before sending it onto our shelves at Valley Pure—ensuring freshness. Almora Farm operates on love and respect for the cannabis plant while making an impact on the industry across the state. The products they produce are some of the most accessible, unique, and terpene-rich flower and concentrates to hit Valley Pure dispensaries.


Almora Farm’s sun-grown, hand-trimmed flower is flavorful and fresh. You’ll find some of the most creative strains on the market. The genetics behind each strain are top-notch, with funky flavors and aromatic terpenes. The rich, full-bodied flower is ideal for cannabis consumers and connoisseurs alike. Here are a few of our favorite flower recommendations currently making their rounds on the Valley Pure menus. 

Kush Mountains

Kush Mountains is a high-flying strain straight from Almora Farm. This sweet flower is a candy-coated sleeper, rich in terpenes and potent. Kush Mountain is true to its namesake with a gassy flavor thanks to its OG lineage. Its parent genetics are White Walker OG and Blue Flame OG. Kush Mountains has strong notes of vanilla and diesel. Its sour smell has made it popular with long-time cannabis consumers. This strain is potentially relaxing, which might offer sedating effects.


Sour Berry

Sour Berry is the sweet and sour strain you didn’t know you needed. This tasty, terpene-rich strain potentially promotes blissful relaxation. Sour Berry hits hard with a sweet, berry pie flavor and potentially enlightening essence. This strain is a perfect reminder of your favorite sour candies. It comes from crossing Purple Berry Kush and Sour Diesel. Sour Berry can potentially help you de-stress and unwind from a busy day.



Almora Farm produces a decadently sweet sugar perfect for every level of cannabis consumer. Their Kush Mints are no different for those who are looking for a sweet, yet gassy treat. Kush Mints is a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. It may produce intense creative and cerebral effects after just one dab. Kush Mints is an accurate namesake with a minty aroma and sweet cookie taste. Valley Pure Farmersville has Kush Mints in steady rotation on their menu.



When you’re feeling saucy Blue Banana is ripe for the picking at Valley Pure Lemoore. This fruity strain comes from Almora Farm as a combination of Blue Dream and Banana OG. It is an earthy original flavor that may be nice for potentially relaxing after a long day. This strain produces a potentially calming body effect to coast through the day. Its terpene-rich flavor profile means you get a potent punch. True to its name, Blue Banana is a sour but sweet concoction from Almora Farm. 



Almora Farm isn’t just known for flower. They also produce some of the most consistent concentrates across California. Each of the four Valley Pure locations carry a variety of Almora Farm concentrates. If you like badder, theirs might be noticeably better. The Papaya badder transports you to a tropical paradise. It is a fruity, sweet strain that has a spicy scent. Papaya is a cross between Citral #13 and Ice #2 with a rich terpene profile. Papaya may leave you ready to relax on the couch and potentially produces mentally calming effects. 

You can find a steady stream of Almora Farm at all four Valley Pure locations. Partnering with producers and cultivators who care is at the core of our mission, Almora Farm offers clean cannabis and innovative practices that make them an easy choice for stocking the shelves of Valley Pure. You can find them online to learn more about their products and process. Follow us on social media to find more deals and specials on Almora Farm and more.




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