Jeeter Brand Guide: California’s Strongest Infused Pre-Rolls, Blunts, and Vapes at Valley Pure

Jeeter is known for producing some of the best infused pre-rolls and blunts in the state of California. The top shelf cultivators were born and bred in south Florida. The name Jeeter comes from local slang for joint and is built on nostalgia. Every Valley Pure location is proud to carry a wide selection of their products. Everything from their award-winning infused pre-rolls to their concentrates and beyond is potent. 

Jeeter takes their potency and products seriously. They offer something for every cannabis connoisseur. Their Jeeter 1g, Baby Jeeter, Jeeter XL, and Jeeter Juice are all extremely potent options to enjoy. Jeeter has mastered matching flavor with potency and pricing to deliver top-shelf products. Valley Pure customers love the availability and delicious flavor options with each strain. Their best-selling infused pre-rolls use premium flower, high-THC distillate, and potent kief for a memorable experience. They may have been born in South Florida, but their products have become a California staple

Jeeter Joints

Jeeter matches classic strains with their innovative joints for their 1g pre-roll selections. They are both powerful and potent for any level of cannabis enthusiast. Their 1g prerolls come from the premium indoor-grown flower. If you want more power behind your pre-roll, their 1 gram joint also comes with an infused option. These small, but mighty, infusions pack potent distillate and premium flower into one pre-roll. You can find Jeeter 1g pre-rolls in infused and regular options at every Valley Pure location. Pick up a Grapefruit Romulan at Lemoore and experience tremendous flavor.

Baby Jeeter 

The Baby Jeeter line is perfect for those looking for a quick but potent pre-roll option. Baby Jeeters are discreet and easy to manage mini versions of the 1g Jeeter Joints you love. Each hand-packed jar comes with 5 mini pre-rolls for timely convenience. Every Baby Jeeter weighs out at 0.5g making it an ideal joint for a short break in your day. Baby Jeeter also comes in an infused option, at 2.5g per jar when infused. If you’re just looking for a new, quick experience, the non-infused Baby Jeeter is 0.35g and totals out at 1.75g of the premium flower. Valley Pure Farmersville carries a wide selection including the Banana Kush and London Pound Cake Baby Jeeters. 

Jeeter XL

The team at Jeeter knows that even everyday smokers want something new to try every once in a while. The Jeeter XL is a 2g blunt that is large and in charge. The extra-large option comes with 2 grams of the top-shelf, indoor-grown flower infused with distillate and kief. If you aren’t feeling adventurous the Jeeter XL also comes non-infused, but just as powerful, 2g option. Jeeter wraps their XL with a premium hemp blunt wrap and includes a glass tip. The glass tip provides a smooth smoking experience. The high-quality hemp wrap is better for you and the planet to enjoy. You can find the XL in OG Kush or an infused option with Maui Wowie at the Valley Pure Lindsay location.

Jeeter Juice

The rise of distillate across California means you have to find brands that provide what they promise. Jeeter does just that with their Jeeter Juice. Their delicious distillate cartridges are clean and potent. The Jeeter Juice carts are created with high potency cannabis distillate and no additives. It is made from powerful, rich botanical terpenes so you get the freshest flavor available. Each cartridge is a full gram of potentially potent cerebral highs and full-body effects. Each cartridge is a 510 thread ready to roll with flavor that packs a punch. Valley Pure Woodlake is always full of your favorite Jeeter Juice flavors. You’ll find delicious Blueberry Kush, Agent Orange, and Tangie Berry ready for you on their menu

Jeeter Bites (Coming Soon!) 

Jeeter is on an exciting new adventure with the impending launch of Jeeter Bites. The expertise and knowledge that Jeeter brings to pre-rolls and cartridges will now extend to edibles. Jeeter Bites will be a cereal-style edible that are made with their premium indoor-grown flower and concentrates. The Jeeter Bites will be a unique addition to the California edible space. Visit one of our four menus below to find all of the Jeeter products we currently carry and shop online.




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