Valley Pure’s Woodlake Dispensary Was The First In The Area

In 2018, Valley Pure opened the first recreational weed dispensary in the Central Valley. Ever since then, the market may have expanded, but we still hold the bar high for everyone else. With attentive service and associates alongside unrivaled inventory, the Valley Pure’s Woodlake dispensary is guaranteed to have the products for your cannabis fix.

Flower and concentrates are main specialties at our Woodlake dispensary, which is located at 132 N. Valencia Blvd 93286. That said, we stock over 150 vape pens, 100+ edibles, nearly 300 different flower servings, and about 200 extracts and concentrates. Not only is our stock vast, it’s also rife with only the best brands, growers, and manufacturers in the California cannabis market. Let our associates point you in the direction of the best weed deals during your visit and we’re sure you’ll find a new cannabis crush at Valley Pure Woodlake.

Ahead of your trip, you can also browse our selection of edibles, flower, vapes, and concentrates as well as reserve them for pick-up through our website. Currently, Valley Pure dispensaries are cash only, so you must pay upon arrival and provide a valid 21+ ID.

Educated, expert access to the perfect weed, concentrates, vapes, and edibles is what defines the Valley Pure experience. Let our trained team of budtenders direct you to top deals on weed and cannabis products you won’t find at any other Woodlake dispensary.

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Emerald Triangle cultivators Cali Select understand the art of the grow. Utilizing a combination of outdoor and indoor light in their grow houses, the brand consistently pushes top-notch flower. Valley Pure Woodlake stocks batches from Cali Select, including strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Chili Verde. You’re always guaranteed to get fresh bud with Cali Select as they are literally always growing a new batch. Ask associates about this brand when you visit our dispensary to find a great deal on great weed.

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The first time you try a Raw Garden extract will never be the last. Since 2015, they’ve pushed out Certified Green products that contain zero additives and the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. In fact, when you buy any brand of extract at Valley Pure, the same can be said as we aim to provide only real, unadulterated products. Raw Garden stands out for its untrodden reputation and mind-blowing live resin (crushed) diamonds. You’ll find strains like Sour Stomper, Dream Walker, and Slurm Breath under the Raw Garden name.

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Maybe your real grandma wouldn’t get you baked, or maybe she did. Either way, now you have another grandma, and that’s exactly her goal. Valley Pure loves Grandma Baker’s secret recipes, which yield a delightful flavor and a potent high. When visiting our Woodlake dispensary, ask for Grandma Lil’ Monster: a chewy-centered, single-serve brownie loaded with 100mg of THC. Each Grandma Baker’s edible contains a card with guidelines so you can dose more controllably, too. Alongside the brownies, there are also fudge blocks and caramel candies.

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  • What time is the store open?
    • Valley Pure in Woodlake, CA is open every day of the week from 9AM-9PM. You can place an order anytime, but you should allow for time during open hours for it to be fully processed and ready for pickup.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    • Valley Pure Woodlake is currently a cash-only dispensary, and you will pay for your order upon arrival.
  • What info do I need for recreational/medical shopping?
    • Recreational shoppers must have a 21+ ID with them when they visit our dispensary. The ID must be valid and active. We cannot accept expired forms of identification.
  • I have questions about a product/deal/event. How can I reach an associate?
    • You can call the store during open hours via (559) 769-2080 and you can also contact us via email through the website.
  • What COVID guidelines are observed by Valley Pure Woodlake?
    • [___]


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