Watermelon Sugar Strain: A Fruity, Earthy, and Refreshing Hybrid

The Watermelon Sugar strain is a favorite among our customers and our team alike. The delicious flavors of this hybrid strain are just one way that the strain excels. With potentially potent effects and a high level of THC, you’ll be singing “Watermelon Sugar High” all day. 

The hybrid strain is an indica-dominant double Deja Vu phenotype. At Valley Pure, we make sure that strains like the Watermelon Sugar get to your hands in the freshest state possible. Our state-of-the-art facility helps us to process our flower from packing to retail in under a week, with some items taking less than a day. 


Watermelon Sugar is made using a Double Deja Vu parent, a rare indica-leaning plant whose parents include Now N Later X Jet Fuel Gelato; two sugary tasting strains. The strain is known for its potentially heady effects and long-lasting high. 

Watermelon Sugar contains 27% THC, earning it the title of “high potency.” The potential effects from the Double Deja Vu have been passed down to the strain, and it’s not a coincidence. At Valley Pure, we take careful consideration into planning our strains. Lots of research and time goes into our cultivation, with our customers’ needs at the forefront. 

Watermelon Sugar Strain

Watermelon Sugar by Valley Pure


The appearance of the Watermelon Sugar will have you excited to light it up. The beautiful nugs are as classic-looking as it gets. The nugs are bright green in color with hints of purple throughout. Fiery orange pistols pop up in the dense nugs. The nugs while not gigantic, are pretty sizable. The nugs have an OG look to them. Additionally, the nugs have a frosty layer of trichomes that glitter like powdered sugar. 


The flavor of the Watermelon Sugar is as sweet and refreshing as the name sounds. The strain has a very distinct flavor that users can recognize anywhere. The fruity taste has a tropical feel reminiscent of sweet rum daiquiris in summer. 

As far as effects, users may find that the strain’s high is long-lasting like its Double Deja Vu parent. While the strain is technically Indica-leaning, it’s actually balanced with a potentially relaxing body high and euphoric cerebral blast. 

The Watermelon Sugar strain might be perfect for a variety of experiences. Maybe you want to sit on the couch and watch your favorite movie, or maybe you want to sit outside and stargaze. The hybrid strain works for any experience aimed towards potential relaxation. Priced at $35 per eighth before tax, this strain is as affordable as it is enjoyable. 

Who is Valley Pure

Valley Pure has made a name for itself as the first Cannabis Dispensary in Central California. Since 2018, our team has made it a mission to remain Central California’s leading cannabis dispensary. 

One reason our dispensary has built a reputation of great service in the Central California cannabis scene is our friendly atmosphere and reliable staff.  We put our focus into offering the best quality cannabis around, with the knowledge and industry expertise to back it up. Our customers are our number one priority, and we want them all to have a memorable experience at our shop that will keep them coming back for more. 

We now have three locations that provide fast, friendly service with a wide array of options on the menu. Visit our locations in Woodlake, Farmersville, Lemoore, or Lindsay

At Valley Pure, we take pride in serving the fire, whether it’s our own cultivation or another. If you’re interested in trying the Watermelon Sugar, stop by our stores or check out our online shop. 




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