Valley Pure Dispensaries Carry Central California’s Best Selection Of Live Resin And Live Rosin Concentrates

Valley Pure is central California’s leading cannabis dispensary chain with locations in Woodlake, Farmersville, Lindsay, and Lemoore. Since 2018, Valley Pure has remained committed to offering the best quality cannabis at great prices. All while still providing a reliable and friendly purchasing environment. Many customers come in asking us about the difference between live resin and live rosin, so we thought we’d elaborate. 

From top-shelf flower to high terpene cartridges by Buddies Brand, Valley Pure has a wide range of sought-after concentrates including an all-star line-up of live resins and live rosins. Over the last few years, live resin and live rosin have become increasingly popular as the culture of consuming cannabis has evolved. Instead of hunting for higher THC percentages, people are looking for high terpenes and total cannabinoids. Many believe this might create a more holistic, longer-lasting, and tastier high. Allow us to dive deeper into the difference between these two phenomenal types of cannabis concentrates.

What’s The Difference Between Live Resin And Live Rosin?

Many concentrates are made using cannabis that undergoes a dry cure. Live resin and live rosin is made by only using fresh cannabis that has been flash-frozen immediately after harvest. The cannabis is kept cold throughout the extraction process. This use of fresh-frozen cannabis is meant to preserve cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid levels at a higher rate.

By keeping the cannabis “live” it presents a truer representation of itself in concentrate form. So far, live resin and live rosin sound very similar. The main difference is that live resin is made using butane or propane as a solvent, while live rosin is solventless. There are a few other distinct differences between them that may sway your decision when shopping at Valley Pure. 

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Live Resin + Product Recommendations

Live resin is made using a solvent like butane (BHO) and propane (PHO). This is a critical step that separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant itself. Once the cannabis has gone through the extraction process the material is then purged of any leftover solvents and is made ready for testing.

Live Resin can come in many different consistencies with some of the favorites being sugar, sauce, badder, and diamonds & sauce. Usually coming in bright golden colors, live resins pop out of the case and have a visual appeal for any buyer.

If you are looking for a new live resin to try or want to try one for the first time, Valley Pure dispensaries have a fresh line-up of high-quality options. We recommend a Wedding Crasher or Brrr Berry Liquid Diamond cartridge from Buddies Brand or one of the new live resin dabs from Heavy Hitters. 

Live Rosin + Product Recommendations

Live rosin stands apart from standard rosin because it’s made by taking full-melt bubble hash and using heat and pressure to extract rich and flavorful rosin. Making live rosin requires a couple more steps but the end result is definitely worth it.

First, you must make full-melt bubble hash by using ice water to agitate the trichomes off the fresh-frozen flower. You then collect all the separated material and allow it to cure in a container. It is put through several filtration processes to remove any excess plant material from the hash.

Once you have done that, the next step is to take the bubble hash and put it in a rosin press at low heat to create a beautiful end result. This final product will be a delicious dab in a purer form ranging from yellow to cloudy white colors.

If live rosin sounds more up your alley then Valley Pure has a range of fire options. STIIIZY’s Blueberry Space Cake Live Rosin Badder is a sweet and gassy treat that might inject a heavy-set euphoric high that melts you into the couch. Two other great options are Dablogic’s funky GMO or sweet and fruity Strawberry Banana.

One of the most important things to remember about dabbing live resin and live rosin is that you always want to use lower temperatures so that you don’t burn the flavor, ruin the cannabinoid experience, and potentially injure your throat. This also applies when vaping live resin!

Valley Pure dispensaries carry live resin and live rosin concentrates for both dabbing and vaping. Visit any one of our four locations or visit our online menus and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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