Buyer’s Guide To Top-Shelf Cannabis Brands At Valley Pure

Valley Pure’s top-shelf selection is the best and brightest you’ll find in California’s Central Valley. We carry the most talked-about and cutting-edge brands the state has to offer. Customers regularly choose our dispensaries for the consistently amazing top-shelf brands we carry. Whether in the form of flower, concentrate, or even prerolls, these are some of our favorites.

Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected Cannabis Co. uses innovative and experimental cultivation techniques to grow some of the finest cannabis in California. Connected Cannabis partners with well-known cultivators to develop designer genetics that are fresh and exciting.  The brand’s new terpene profiles and distinct flavors are designed to appeal to cannabis connoisseurs, with an affordable price point that can appeal to everyone. 

Connected Cannabis Co. Lemonatti Indoor Strain

Connected Cannabis Co. has a stunning selection at Valley Pure Lindsay location, where Lemonatti and Nightshade are particular favorites. Lemonatti is a cross between Connected’s Gelonade and Biscotti. It has a potentially energizing effect and comes as a bright and uplifting surprise. Lemonatti has deep floral notes that complement its spicy citrus aroma. This strain may help with focus and energy through your busy day. 

Nightshade is also a favorite of regulars at Valley Pure. Nightshade from Connected is a potentially powerful Indica-leaning flower that might not leave you couch-locked. Its dense buds have been reported to offer soothing effects. Connected Cannabis knows how to match potency with its high terpene profile. It is a rich strain with sweet, earthy smoke. No matter what strain you decide on Connected Cannabis takes pride in its terpene-rich, original flavors. 


Cookies is one of the best California brands for a reason. They are a household name across the state and boast unique genetics. The team at Cookies uses innovative methods for in-house cultivation that develop full terpene profiles and potent flowers. Cookies have a full line of strain-specific products so you can get that signature cookies experience. At Valley Pure Lemoore you’ll find a Cookies strain for nearly every cannabis connoisseur.

A current favorite is Cookies Berry Pie. Valley Pure Lemoore offers this Sativa leaning strain in a 3.5g pack for just $50 before tax. The Cookies Berry Pie can his hard with a tart berry aroma. Its creamy, hazy high potentially brings you a euphoric head high, and can be a standard for both medical patients and recreational smokers alike. Cookies is a readily consistent choice for top-shelf cannabis. 


Alien Labs

Alien Labs has been a long-standing staple of California cannabis. They are one of the first brands to come to California’s new market and provide potentially life-changing products to the people. Alien Labs prides itself on producing out-of-this-world genetics and covers the California market as a premium producer of well-known and exotic strains. For Alien Labs, cannabis is a lifestyle and part of day-to-day culture. Their top-shelf flower options at Valley Pure provide a large selection at any location. 

Valley Pure Farmersville has an Alien Labs 3.5g of Atomic Apple that is potentially otherworldly. Atomic Apple is a sour strain that is a cross of Apple Fritter and Triangle Mints and has a creamy vanilla terpene profile that is nearly perfect for all levels of the cannabis experience. 

You can also find their Kryptochronic at Valley Pure Woodlake. Kryptochronic is a vibrant strain with a pleasant funky aroma. Its crosses of Fruity Pebbles OG, Alien Cookies, and Jet Fuel Gelato make it a substantial strain for nearly any aficionado. 

Golden State Banana 

Golden State Banana is a brand that brings experience to every aspect of their operations. The team at Golden State Banana believes in devoting themselves to education and extraction that is above and beyond the usual methods. Because they use proprietary cultivation and harvesting techniques you always get top-shelf products. Golden State Banana opened its doors with terpene-rich flowers and extracts in 2016. 

There is a reason people go bananas over Golden State Banana. They bring flavorful flower options to Valley Pure Farmersville with strains like Stimmy and Peanut Butter Mochi. Both of these unique strains come from crosses of Banana OG. Clean cannabis with rich, full-bodied effects come from Golden State Bananas roots in Banana OG and other distinct genetics. Peanut Butter Mochi is a hybrid that will leave you potentially feeling relaxed and high-spirited. From Peanut Butter Mochi, you have crossed from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 

Both of these strains are universally celebrated, making it no wonder Golden State Banana has picked them up. Golden State Banana follows through with aromatics that are likely to wow you. Peanut Butter Mochi has an earthy, vanilla aroma that is reminiscent of the beloved dessert it is named for.


STIIIZY matches innovation with industry experience to bring you top-shelf, high-quality cannabis products. While they may be known for their pods and concentrates, they have also made a name in flower. When STIIIZY began its journey as a vape company in 2017 we knew they were on to something special. Fast forward and STIIIZY have become a premium creator of California cannabis. You can find a selection of STIIIZY top-shelf products at every Valley Pure. 

Valley Pure Woodlakes’ Live Rosin favorites include their Strawberry Blonde Live Rosin. Strawberry Blonde is a fruity and bold Live Rosin with a potentially stimulating effect. It’s reported to have a woodsy and warm scent that complements its berry flavor. True to its name Strawberry Blonde, the badder is almost like a crisp, tart strawberry at the end of summer. 




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