Buyer’s Guide to Sugar-Free Edibles at Valley Pure

We know how hard the holidays can be when you have dietary restrictions or medical conditions to be mindful of. Valley Pure always offers a large selection of sugar-free edibles and treats to make your holiday merry and bright. The brands we carry are top-shelf, tasty, and created with you in mind. This carefully curated list brings you the best in sugar-free delectable drinks, capsules, and hard candies to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can check our menu or read on in our guide below for some gifts that may keep on giving. 

Buyer's Guide to Sugar-Free Edibles: Potent, Flavorful Collection at Valley Pure

Buddies Brand: Sugar-Free THC Gel Caps 

Buddies is a West Coast staple that prioritizes craftsmanship and purity. They produce some of the best concentrate products in the industry, including their THC Gel Caps. When you’re looking for a discreet, high potency experience, Buddies has you covered. Their robust THC Gel Caps are a consistently clean treat that is sugar-free for your pleasure. These bite-sized beauties are made with Buddies award-winning distillate for a potentially stress-relieving experience. The easy dosing and consistent effects make this sugar-free edible Gel Caps the perfect portion to enjoy. Whether you need sugar-free or want to try something different, the Buddies THC Gel Caps are just right. 

Buyer's Guide to Sugar-Free Edibles: Potent, Flavorful Collection at Valley Pure

Manzanita Naturals: The Fizz

Manzanita Naturals is a bubbly beverage company covering cannabis and CBD-infused drinks. Their sugar-free options are proof you don’t need a sugary soda to get a good dose. The products from Manzanita Naturals are all-natural and brewed, just suitable for maximum flavor and potency. Each delicious amount comes in one of two categories; The Fizz and Kwik. The Fizz line includes Manzanitas sparkling water beverages. Manzanita Naturals Sparkling Water is the perfect addition to any sugar-free cannabis connoisseurs’ stash. The fresh, natural flavors in the Fizz pair with top-shelf THC content for a powerful punch. The Grape Fizz at Valley Pure takes full grape soda flavor and might give you a tremendous high without the sugar. The bubbly and bright beverage is packed with authentic grape flavor and zero sugar for enjoyment anywhere. 

Buyer's Guide to Sugar-Free Edibles: Potent, Flavorful Collection at Valley Pure

Flav: Sugar-Free Sweet Creations 

When you want to satisfy your edibles sweet tooth without the added sugar, Flav has the perfect candy confection. Sweet Creations Mango from Flav is a cannabis-infused product that will make your mouth water. These sweet treats are bite-sized for easy and discreet dosing. The convenience of an on-the-go, powerful product combined with a mouthwatering fruit flavor is sure to keep you coming back. These 10mg sugar-free candies are perfect for sharing or keeping to yourself. If your goal is to give the gift of juicy deliciousness, then Flav will deliver. At 10mg per piece and 100mg total, these are small but mighty fruit chews. 

Buyer's Guide to Sugar-Free Edibles: Potent, Flavorful Collection at Valley Pure

Autumn Brands: Sugar-Free Thrive Elixir 

Autumn Brands doesn’t just put thrive in the name of its products; they’ve created something unique that might help you succeed. You might experience total body rest with this sugar-free, balanced tincture. The Thrive Elixir combines potentially alleviating CBD with full-spectrum THC. Each serving size, about five drops, is measured at 2.5mg THC. You can adjust your dosing based on the desired effect. Autumn Brands’ Thrive Elixir might be a great tool for winding down for the evening. There are zero additives in Autumn Brands’ Thrive Elixir, so you can trust that each product is clean and as natural as possible. Autumn Brands Thrive Elixir is the high-terpene full spectrum tincture you’ve been looking for. When shopping for that hard-to-buy sugar-free friend, give Autumn Brands a try. 

If you’re in charge of stuffing the stockings this year, we’ve got you covered. You can find even more sugar-free edibles options on our menu or by downloading weed maps and searching through the sugar-free edibles options. There’s something for everyone in the cannabis community from the Valley Pure shelves this holiday season.




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