STIIIZY Brand Guide: Futuristic Vapes, Powerful Pre-Rolls, And Premium Flower

STIIIZY is more than just a cannabis brand; they’re a full-on lifestyle. The California-born company wants its customers to feel like celebrities when they use their products. On top of premium cannabis flower and extracts, they achieve this with their line of sleek proprietary pod system vaporizers. 

STIIIZY’s policies, image, and priorities fall under three competencies: “Influence, Innovate, and Inspire.” Their founder, James Kim, saw his company climb to the top of the California cannabis market within five years. Today, STIIIZY products are available in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Washington State alongside their home of California. 

Every Valley Pure dispensary carries plenty of STIIIZY products, making us a consistent outlet for fans of their pods, flower, prerolls, and accessories. If you’re someone looking for an inconspicuous, modern cannabis experience, then there’s no doubt that this is the brand for you.

Below is a full breakdown of everything STIIIZY at Valley Pure. Supplies come and go as products move, so be sure to check ahead at your dispensary via the links at the foot of the article.

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STIIIZY Vape Batteries

Ever since the success of STIIIZY’s flagship vape battery, their line has expanded to add the BIIIG and LIIIL. It’s important to note that the outlier of these three is the LIIIL, as this is their line of disposable vaporizers. The BIIIG takes the same pods as the STIIIZY, only with a much longer battery life. We also sell their Power Case so you can charge your vape on the go!

STIIIZY has mad built a culture around their vapes like no other multi-state brand in terms of style and customization. These vapes are durable, come in a variety of colors, and possess a strong battery. Pods come in half and full gram servings, with a wide range of strains.

BIIIG batteries are pretty self-explanatory. These thicker, boxy batteries will last significantly longer than a standard STIIIZY. On the other hand, LIIIL batteries are good for one-off or less frequent cannabis users. A disposable device from head to toe, you won’t need to worry about recharging the LIIIL to begin with. Like the pods, these are available in half and full grams.


The pods from STIIIZY aren’t just potent, but flavorful as well. You’ll find that every pod contains a renowned strain extract with a flavor profile to match. Some variants include Biscotti, Birthday Cake, Strawnana, and Blue Burst.

There are three tiers of these pods, going from standard, to Silver, to live resin. The lattermost is self-explanatory, but standard pods are botanically infused to include natural terpenes from other herbs. Silver pods, on the other hand, are fully derived from their respective, local-sourced cannabis plant. The full spectrum of terps and cannabinoids are well-preserved in Silver pods to sustain the classic smoking experience without any burn.

LIIIT: Indoor Flower by STIIIZY

STIIIZY’s cannabis flower is always properly grown and brimming with terps. Their LIIIT line consists of exclusively indoor cannabis in pre-rolled joints and eighth servings, both of which we stock at Valley Pure locations. The genetics of LIIIT batches congregate into a premium collection of current and popular cultivars. 

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STIIIZY Animal Mints – Hybrid

This pungent, crisply flavored cross of Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies is a game-changer when it comes to a potentially balanced buzz. Medical patients seek out Animal Mints for its potential stress-relieving capabilities. Offering a potential steady blend of body and head highs, this caryophyllene-loaded strain is exceptional for body pain.

STIIIZY Rosay – Indica

A refined take on Cookies’ Pink Rozay, STIIIZY Rosay lets loose a brilliant indica experience. This is a potent strain with a potentially bold head high contrasting a relaxing body high that may create a soothing yet enthralling buzz. You may find that STIIIZY Rosay has muscle and joint-relaxing properties, as some medical patients swear by it for chronic pain.

LIIIT Pre-Rolled Joints 

STIIIZY bud doesn’t stop at premium eighths, either. At Valley Pure dispensaries you will find pre-rolled joints of LIIIT cannabis. Within glass tubes, we offer 1.3-gram and half-gram joints of many of the same strains of their flower, including STIIIZY Rosay and STIIIZY OG.

It gets better, though. Oftentimes our stores have live resin-infused pre-rolls of LIIIT weed. These 1.3-gram infusions contain STIIIZY’s flash-frozen, pure live resin, as well as their lab-grown, premium indoor flower. The whole masterpiece is topped off with a layer of kief coating the cone itself.  This isn’t the only way to get a hold of their live resin, either.

Live Rosin & Resin

STIIIZY makes outstanding dabs, badder, and diamonds. You’ll find that while STIIIZY puts the spotlight on their vaporizers, they also deliver exceptional cannabis concentrates. At Valley Pure we stock all four types of STIIIZY extracts: live rosin badder and jam, as well as their curated live resin and diamonds.

STIIIZY’s live rosin is sought after for its natural extraction methods and bountiful flavor. A chemical-free, solventless process presses and freezes trichomes to yield badder and jam completely composed of cannabinoids and terpenes. The flavor of STIIIZY cannabis stays right where it belongs in their rosin.

Their live resin is no lesser, only more specifically curated based on which strains do best in the extraction process. On top of that, STIIIZY stresses the importance of “correctly” sized diamonds and a flavorful terpene sauce, ensuring convenience to the very last dab. The flash-freezing method they use for their curated live resin preserves all of the flavor and potency of their cannabis.

STIIIZY puts plenty of their strains through the extraction process to be sold at Valley Pure locations. Some customer favorites include Ice Cream Cake, Blackberry Kush, Champagne, Dream Walker, Garlic Mints, and Wedding Crasher.

Valley Pure Is The Central Valley’s STIIIZY Hub

Consider Valley Pure your go-to for any and all STIIIZY products; especially for new pods. You can pick up their products in Lemoore, Woodlake, Farmersville, and Lindsay. Be sure to check our stores’ inventories online before coming in, though. You can browse for STIIIZY products by clicking one of the links below.

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