Budtender Favorites: Product Recommendations For Winter At Valley Pure

We sat down and got real-time recommendations from Valley Pure budtenders on their current favorite products on the shelves this season. The budtenders are the faces you see behind the counter working every day to bring you the best cannabis creations, and we always want to highlight the great things they do. As we head into winter in Central California, there are several products we love to keep our spirits high.

These products recommendations are good year-round. Some of our budtenders’ favorite brands and products have made it into this convenient guide because they are even better when it’s colder. Check out our budtender recommendations for flower, concentrates, and edibles during the Fall and Winter.


Pure Guava – Valley Pure

It’s no secret that Valley Pure’s in-house flower is above and beyond expectations. Of course, it’s a top contender among our budtenders as the favorite flower on the shelves. One current in-house favorite is Pure Guava. This fresh flavor is a sweet symphony of juicy flavor. Pure Guava has a higher THC strain hovering somewhere around 21%. This tropical treat also has fruity notes that make you feel like you’re drinking a smoothie on the beach. As an indica-leaning hybrid, Pure Guava potentially offers intense body relief and a focused feel.

Pineapple OG – Wonderbrett

Another staff favorite is Pineapple OG from Wonderbrett. Pineapple OG is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Grape, delivering a pungent fruit flavor. The tart flavors of guava, diesel, and sour grapes come through in the taste and the smoke. Pineapple OG potentially provides a relaxing experience as you slip into a comfortable yet hungry high. Wonderbrett always provides top-quality flower and unique strain choices and Pineapple OG is no exception.

Honeydew 1g Pre-Roll – Jeeter

Jeeter is well known in the Valley Pure family as some of the best pre-rolls in the game. Honeydew from Jeeter is the crisp fruit flavor you crave combined with high THC and great aroma. Honeydew features a fresh fruit taste much like its name suggests. The strong sativa-leaning genetics might make it ideal for a boost of focus and creativity. Honeydew also offers an earthy spice when sparked. Honeydew is also a great option for those seeking potential pain relief and a serious body high. 

Biscotti X Gushers 7g Smalls – Connected Cannabis Co. 

Connected Cannabis Co. is a household name across California. Their iconic collaborations and creative harvesting techniques make them a cut above the rest. The Biscotti X Gushers 7g Smalls jar from Connected is the perfect pack of unique flavor. This jar combines Cookies genetics into a sweet confection. Biscotti is a combination of GSC, Gelato #25, and South Florida OG to create a truly extraordinary strain. The buttery aroma of Biscotti and tart notes from Gushers create a slightly bitter taste that is reminiscent of flavored coffee. Biscotti X Gushers might be ideal for those looking to spend their day relaxed and blissful. Valley Pure Farmersville has you covered for your Connected Cannabis Co. needs. 



Blueberry Alien Mints Live Sauce – Alien Labs 

A fan favorite between budtenders and regulars alike is Alien Labs Blueberry Alien Mints. This juicy hybrid lives up to its namesake with a lush, juicy flavor. This is known for producing above-average yields and Alien Labs uses that to their advantage in some of the best live sauces in California. Blueberry Alien Mints comes from a long lineage of award-winning genetics. Alien Labs has taken this strain and elevated it to an out-of-this-world tasty smoke. This strain potentially delivers strong calming, mind and body effects. 

Cake Frosting Live Resin – STIIIZY 

Cake Frosting is a beautiful homage to Wedding Cake. The creamy consistency of the live resin sauce is almost as smooth as it tastes. A cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, Wedding came is a high THC strain. STIIIZY Came Frosting is equally as strong with an award-winning aroma. Cake Frosting is aptly named as it offers a fresh vanilla flavor and creamy notes. Cake Frosting is a true hybrid with potentially well-balanced effects. It might offer both a relaxing body high and cerebral surge of energy. Cake Frosting and STIIIZY are favored at Valley Pure Lemoore.

Wedding Pie – 3Bros

Wedding Pie from 3bros is a tangy and tart strain gracing the Valley Pure Woodlake menu. It is a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie originally from Cannarado Genetics Group. Wedding Pie is a fragrant addition to your flower options at Valley Pure. Wedding Pie has a distinctly sweet flavor that may seem to deceive with its indica leaning effects. The fruity strain is a favorite for its potentially soothing properties. This strain might be very relaxing with an uplifting body and mind experience. The sticky-sweet aroma of Wedding Pie paired with its intense flavor gives it a special place on our menu. 

Strawberry Cough Pod – STIIIZY

Another STIIIZY favorite is a recommendation from our Valley Pure Farmersville location. Strawberry Cough from STIIIZY is our favorite flavorful strain in a convenient portable pod. STIIIZY is always at the forefront of disposables and dabs. Strawberry Cough is known for its sweet smell and even sweeter taste. It is thought to be a cross between Haze and Strawberry field although its true origin is unknown. This strain has a skunky undertone perfect for discreet enjoyment in a vape. Strawberry Cough is said to potentially induce feelings of deep euphoria with an uplifting mental high. When you’re feeling immense stress, Strawberry Cough might be the ideal strain to help you through. Strawberry Cough is a sweet addition to VP Farmersville.


Sleepy Time Gummies – ABX

When it gets colder, our staff likes to take a couple of ABX’s Sleepy Time Gummies at night. These 100mg gummies have a delicious blueberry and lavender flavor that is a nice treat before bed. Try taking one at a time to see what the right dosage is for you because everyone is different. ABX’s Blueberry Lavender Sleepy Time Gummies are only $18 before tax.

Infused Chocolate Bars – Bhang

One of the easiest recommendations our budtenders will make during the colder months is chocolate. Bhang’s chocolate bars come with 100mg of THC and taste delicious. Try their Milk Chocolate or Cookies and Cream bar. They come with 10 easy-to-break squares that you can use to meter your dose. Each bar is only $15 before tax.

Our budtenders are the best of the best. Their recommendations are what keep you coming back for more. Thanks to Valley Pure Woodlake, Lemoore, Lindsay, and Farmersville for awesome options for flower, concentrates, and edibles. We can’t wait to give them a try. You can find more at Valley Pure woodland or follow along for more deals and extensive brand recommendations.




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