Seasonal Product Picks For Fall: Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vapes, and Concentrates at Valley Pure

‘Tis the season for products that fill our hearts and shelves. We’ve curated some new seasonal products across all four locations to bring you the most comprehensive list around. Here you’ll find our staff’s picks for concentrates, vapes, edibles, and flower. Check it out below or stop in for a personal recommendation. 


Maven – Blue Lotus 

Maven is well known around Valley Pure as a craft cannabis brand. Their Blue Lotus flower has become a favorite this season among staff and regulars. Blue Lotus is the creative combination of Blueberry and Snow Lotus created by Bodhi Seeds; however, Maven has turned it on its head as a maven genetic Blue Lotus is a cross of Gelato #41 and XXX OG. This innovation from Maven is from their limited black box series. Blue Lotus is a pungent strain with a musky nose.

This flower is a flavor-filled experience that combines hints of berry with an earthy aroma. This spicy strain might be perfect for enjoying if you have insomnia or intense stress. Blue Lotus from maven is indica leaning, but that doesn’t mean it will leave your couch-locked. It potentially assists with nausea, anxiety, and appetite loss, making it a favorite among recreational and medical patients. Blue Lotus potentially offers intense, long-lasting head and body relief. This high THC strain boasts a terpene profile like no other that making it a delicious seasonal addition to colder days. 

Lift Tickets x Local – Orange 43 5pk Infused Prerolls

Lift Tickets are your ticket to high THC and intense flavor. Orange 43 from Local Cannabis Co is a cross between White Fire 43 and Orange Juice Bud from Obsoul33t Genetics. This five-pack of pre-rolls is perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself. Orange 43 has an insanely high THC content which makes it a potent and aromatic addition to our list.

The name may give away its aroma, but Orange 43 also holds a robust gassy funk from its OG lineage. Despite its citrus namesake, this strain isn’t overpowering fruity. Orange 43 has a genuinely gassy nose heightened by the tart fruit flavor and a hint of vanilla. As a high THC strain, it offers immensely soothing relaxation. You’ll potentially find yourself slipping between a calm head haze and a whole-body high. 

Flaves – Super Kush Infused Littles Pre-Rolls

Flaves pre-rolls are expertly prepared with terpene-rich flower and clean shatter to give you the perfect little smoke. The Littles from FLAVES is a convenient infusion of their premium flower and high-quality extracts. Super Kush Infused Prerolls are a considerable addition to the FLAVES family and a seasonal treat at Valley Pure.

Super Kush is a cross between Northern Lights #5 end the Hindu Kush. This OG lineage makes it a long-standing success in terms of genetics. Super Kush hits with an earthy punch that is complimented by a spicy floral flavor. It holds on to its Kush aroma pairing nicely with a light, flowery scent. The Infused Super Kush Pre Roll is made up of excellent in-house shatter and high THC flower to give you a little kick to start your day. 


STIIIZY – Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Diamonds 

By now, you know that STIIIZY and Valley Pure go together like Cannabis and California. Blueberry Muffin is a  signature strain from Humboldt Seed Co. STIIIZY hit it out of the park with their Live Resin Diamonds. Blueberry Muffin is a cross between Purple Panty Droppers and Razzleberry.

The THC content in Blueberry muffins is also a knockout at around 20% THC. Its authentic blueberry taste almost overshadows the potentially uplifting effects of the Blueberry Muffin. It is true to its name with a warm, fruit-filled aroma as if baking fresh muffins. You’ll find yourself hungry for more with STIIIZYS Live Resin Diamonds. The taste, THC, and out-of-this-world smell make Blueberry Muffin an obvious choice for any season. 

Raw Garden – Citrus Surfer 

Raw Garden is a pioneer in the organic growing space. The Citrus Surfer Live Resin is an example of its commitment to using fresh flowers for every product. Raw Garden handles everything from Seed to packaging to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome. Citrus Surfer is a delicious addition to the Valley Pure family. It is a cross of Citrus Sap, Sleeroy, and orange glue to give us a fruity concoction.

Raw Gardens’ Citrus Surfer potentially delivers a punch of energizing aroma of orange rind and had. You might experience a bolt of euphoria to match the bright flavor Citrus Surfer offers. This strain potentially gives you a creative, enthusiastic high from its sativa dominance and intense terpene profile. Citrus Surfer is a live resin for consumers and connoisseurs. It potentially has a high enough THC content to both soothe aches and uplift pains. 

CCC – Milk and Cookies Live Resin Budder 

When you’re looking for smooth taste and consistency, a live resin budder is just right. These aren’t Santa’s Milk and Cookies. This is a full spectrum California Cannabis Co (CCC) live resin budder. Milk and Cookies is an exotic cross between Cookies & Cream and Triple OG. Its lineage gives it a distinct funky flavor. The aroma of Milk and Cookies is part orange roll, part diesel, and all OG funk. Milk and Cookies taste is not to be confused with it’s name. Although the name sounds sweet it holds a tart fruit taste and pepper spice. CCC’s Milk and Cookies is a great seasonal strain choice. It potentially gives you a relaxed appetite perfect for your favorite brunch spot or dinner at home. 

Alien Labs – Milky Way Sauce

Milky Way is Alien Labs well known cross between Wedding Cake and Zkittlez. This strain from Alien Labs is a phenomenon all its own and is considered a genetic out Kieron their terpene profiles. It borrows flavors from wedding cake with a creamy nose and notes of vanilla. Milky Way is a high performing live resin sauce with a THC content to match.

Milky Way potentially provides an intense high that isn’t for beginners. This Live Sauce might be the answer to your physical pain with its potentially sedating effects. Alien Labs transports you to outer space with Milky Ways’ unique aroma unlike anything else. Whether you’re looking to send yourself to space or enjoy a warm evening inside, this live resin is a seasonal pick that’s good all year. 



Kingpen – Rainbow Belts Disposable

Kingpen knows how to do discreet disposables. Rainbow Belts is a funky seasonal favorite thanks in part to it’s spicy berry aroma perfect for fall. Rainbow Belts is a triple threat that is a cross of Master Kush, Hindu Kush and Montel’s Pride. You can find a few variety of Rainbow Belts including a croos craatex from Dancehall and Blueberry.

Discretion is the name of the game with this disposable. It’s aroma of a campfire coffee makes it the perfect pick me up. The flavor is a piney, wooded smoke that isn’t overpowering. This vape is potentially perfect for someone looking to find optimal body relief with a tingly head high. Kingpen’s disposables are an easy seasonal pick because they’re easy to smoke inside without leaving a lingering stench.

Raw Garden – Kush Cake Cookies Disposable 

Kush Cake Cookies from Raw Garden is the Wedding Cake of your dreams. This strain comes as a unique phenotype as a cross between. It is a cross between Purple Kush Cake and Kimbo Cookies. This disposable is the perfect pocket-size to handle stressful family functions or long days of work.

Kush Cake Cookies is indica leaning and potentially serves as the ideal strain for a balanced body and head high. Raw Gardens’ Ready to Use disposable pen is another innovative product that functions secretly to give you stealth smoking this holiday season.




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