Raw Garden Guide: Savory Sauce, Diamonds and Cartridges at Valley Pure

Raw Garden goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality cannabis flower on the market. Their rigorous testing process means that you know you’re always getting premium products. Raw Garden is one of the most trusted names in cannabis, with award-winning and best-selling concentrates and flower. The brand has an incredible lineup of full spectrum products. They have a consistent flavor and high THC content across the board that makes them an easy choice. You can find more Raw Garden online or on the Valley Pure menu. 

Sleeroy Live Sauce 

Sleeroy Diamonds are the full spectrum live sauce sure to potentially keep your good mood going. This sauce is a unique cross of Slymer and Leeroy OG. It is a Sativa leaning hybrid, which means a potentially energizing high. If you like your dabs potent and funky, then Sleeroy Diamonds are right up your alley. Slymer contributes to Sleeroys’ potentially uplifting effects and conversational high. Leeroy OG lends its OG aroma and flavor to create Sleeroys powerful terpene profile. 

Strawberry Rose Cart 

Strawberry Rosé is a highly refined Live Resin Cartridge from Raw Garden’s impressive lineup. This is a discreet and delicious dabbing option for those looking for something tasty to try. Strawberry Rosé from Raw Garden is a cross between Rosé, Strawberry Fields, and Skystomper. This triple threat lineage means that Strawberry Rosé has a distinct flavor and fruity aroma. It is a true hybrid with reportedly balanced effects as both a potentially bright head high and deep body buzz. These convenient carts are the perfect addition to your smoking rotation. Strawberry Rosé’s ripe strawberry and tart fruit flavors combined with a skunky aroma give it a flavorful edge. 

Badlands Stomper 

Badlands Stomper is a sour strain from Raw Garden’s line of discreet cartridges. This cross of the unique Bisti Badlands and Sour Stomper makes this a particularly aromatic strain. Relatively unknown Bisti Badlands brings its earthy, coffee taste to Badlands Stompers profile. Sour Stomper gives us, you guessed it, the fragrant sour grape aroma. Raw Garden cartridges bring out the best in flavor and THC content. Badlands Stomper is an Indica leaning strain that may potentially leave you couch-locked while still feeling creative. 

Island Splash 

Raw Garden has us feeling like island boys with their Island Splash Live Resin cartridge. Island Splash is a fruit salad of flavor as a cross of Strawberry Jack and Orange Juice Jones. This is a powerful sativa-leaning hybrid that packs a punch of flavor. It buzzes with strawberry and citrus and a hint of gas for a fresh-tasting experience every time. Island Splash potentially delivers a zesty zing and may leave you ready to tackle the day’s challenges while still feeling that bodily relaxation. Even as a Sativa-leaning hybrid, Island Splash still potentially has healing properties for both body and mind. 

Raspberry Cream 

They say diamonds are a person’s best friend, we definitely think they meant Raw Garden’s Live Resin Diamonds. Raspberry Cream is another in a long line of fruity flavor from Raw Garden because it’s a cross between Raspberry Punch and Creamberry, but with a uniquely Indica leaning hybrid experience. Raspberry Cream has a warm, vanilla-scented creaminess and bright fruit flavor. As its lineage suggests, Raspberry Cream has a punch of tart raspberry taste. It will potentially give you an uplifted sense of euphoria and excitement thanks to its sativa roots. You may also find that Raspberry Cream delivers deeply soothing, strain-specific, physical relief for many ailments. 

Raw Garden has been bringing innovation to the central California cannabis community for years. That’s why we knew carrying some of their delicious dabs and discreet cartridges was necessary. You can find a wide selection of Raw Garden on the Valley Pure menu or ask for one of our suggestions from this convenient guide. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy your next Raw Garden product. Check out some of the options in stock for you today. 




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