Pure Velvet Strain: Earthy, Creamy Sweetness Creates Delicious Bliss

At Valley Pure, our team of experienced growers puts careful thought and attention to detail into each strain we cultivate. Our expert growers have shown us through the many top-shelf strains at Valley Pure that they are the best at what they do. That’s why when the growers pick a particular strain as their favorite, we pay attention. One strain that our growers love is the Pure Velvet. 

This evenly balanced hybrid is a cross between Runtz and the infamous Girl Scout Cookies.

Pure Velvet Strain: Complex, Light Green Bliss at Valley Pure


Pure Velvet has a complex flavor that points back to its carefully chosen genetics. 

Girl Scout Cookies has a strong dessert aroma and flavor. Its effects might be euphoric in nature, followed by deep-body relaxation. Users may find that some of these traits are passed on to Pure Velvet. Girl Scout Cookies effects are described as potentially euphoric followed by a full-body experience. The potentially relaxing effects of GSC are one reason we chose it as a parent strain for the Pure Velvet. 

The Runtz strain used in this hybrid cross is a fruity one. Runtz also has a dessert-like flavor, with hints of sugary candy. Runtz is an extremely popular strain. While not as infamous as the Girl Scout Cookies, the strain has more than made a name for itself amongst cannabis lovers. The Runtz has a smooth smoke and gives off potentially uplifting effects that users may see reflected in the Pure Velvet. 

Appearance & Experience

Pure Velvet nugs are light green in color. The plant has lots of bud sites and has the appearance of a sativa plant at first glance. The plant carries the flavor of a creamy, buttercream kind of sweetness that is similar to the Gelato strain. 

Pure Velvet has the potential to give off feelings of deep relaxation with cerebral euphoria. And because it’s an evenly balanced hybrid strain, users potentially experience the best that sativa and indica have to offer. The Indica shines through in the potentially relaxing effects on the body while the sativa might make itself known during the head high. 

This strain might be perfect for a variety of activities. Going for a walk in nature, lounging on the beach, hanging out with friends, or watching a movie. Creatives may enjoy the potentially euphoric buzz associated with Pure Velvet. Open up a sketchbook, make music, or look at some art while smoking this wonderful strain. 

The Pure Velvet strain is extremely affordable at just $35 an eighth or $50 per quarter before tax. With this strain, you’re getting the high-quality experience of top-shelf cannabis without damage to your wallet. 

Who Is Valley Pure?

At Valley Pure, we take pride in serving the fire, whether it’s our own cultivation or another. If you’re interested in trying the Pure Velvet strain, stop by our stores or check out our online shop. 

Our dispensary was the first to open in Central California in 2018. Today, we are the area’s leading cannabis dispensary, and we plan on remaining that way.

One reason our dispensary leads the Central California cannabis scene is our great service. We put our focus into offering the best quality cannabis around. Our products are always fresh from packaging to retail. The whole process takes less than a week, with some items available the next day. This means at Valley Pure, you’re always getting the freshest flower possible. 

We now have three locations that provide fast, friendly service with a wide array of options on the menu. Visit our locations in Woodlake, Farmersville, Lemoore, or Lindsay.




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