Pure Orange Strain: A Citrusy, Fresh, and Intoxicating Indica

As Central California’s first dispensary, Valley Pure doesn’t just stuff the shelves with any old product. We select the finest, highest THC strains available from top cannabis brands you know and love. And Valley Pure’s in-house cultivation team is among California’s best. Our experienced, professional growers are dedicated to bringing our customers top-of-the-line, ultra-high THC marijuana strains like the super fresh Pure Orange strain exclusively cultivated at Valley Pure.

If you’ve never heard of Pure Orange, that’s because it’s one of the newest strains to hit the market, and Valley Pure is Central California’s go-to location for this premium strain.

Valley Pure – Pure Orange (37% THC)

Pure Orange is a brand new cannabis strain, heavy on THC and indica effects. At 37% THC, this strain is the highest THC flower Valley Pure has offered yet. Loud, juicy citrus aromas covered in dank diesel waft from this indica-leaning Orange Banana cross with a mystery strain. Mellow mandarin orange flavors complement the citrusy aromas. The strong citrus-like aromas and orangey flavor add a bit of an uplifting feel to this nug as soon as you put it to your nose. Crack open a thick bud and you’ll notice a classic gassy indica smell overwhelming the lighter citrus aromas. Whether you like it sweet, tart or dank, Pure Orange aims to please.  

Pure Orange’s indica effects may cast a super relaxing body buzz. The strain could also help relieve anxiety and stress, potentially making it suitable for both medicinal and recreational use. 

Medical patients may find the strain beneficial for relieving muscle and joint aches, managing chronic pain, soothing anxiety, and reducing symptoms associated with prolonged stress. Indica-leaning strains, and particularly high-THC indica strains like Pure Orange, tend to have the potential for relieving physical symptoms in general and for pain in particular. 

Recreational cannabis consumers could enjoy Pure Orange for a night home on the couch, binging Netflix and munching favorite snacks. The high THC content could make this strain ideal for experienced tokers, but beginner beware, this stuff is pretty heavy. It’s heavy enough to potentially act like a warm, weighted blanket for those who need extra help falling asleep and staying asleep.   

Pure Orange is one of Valley Pure’s tastiest strains and probably the most potent so far. And Pure Orange ft. Valley Pure cultivation is literally the freshest. The time for it to hit the shelf from the day it’s packaged is under a week. It’s so fresh, some of the flower is merely a day old.

Want to try the new Pure Orange strain ft. Valley Pure cultivation? Visit one of our four locations to pick it up and experience friendly, fast service along with a wide selection of other premium cannabis products. And look for more locations opening soon.




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