Pacific Stone Guide: Potent And Affordable Cannabis Flower At Valley Pure

Pacific Stone has been a staple of California cannabis since 2015. It is a brand brought together by locals in the 805 who have a common goal of growing clean cannabis. Pacific Stone is made up of friends and family who want to create affordable and potent products that work. They operate a generations-long tradition of indoor greenhouse growing along the coastal region. You’ll find year-round fresh cannabis coming from their farms.

Pacific Stone only brings to market what they grow, harvest, and produce in-house. Their process ensures they control the product’s consistency from start to finish. This single-source operation brings some of California’s best-selling flower to the Valley Pure shelves. 

Sativa Blue 

Sativa Blue is the Blue Dream phenotype from Pacific Stone. This well-known strain might be the earthy answer for your low energy. Sativa Blue offers an enjoyable experience with its potentially euphoric head high. It is a potentially motivating strain that relaxes the body while leaving your mind alert. You might not have to worry about couch lock with Sativa Blue; it potentially offers a buzz of energy that leaves you happy and content.

Sativa Blue has a moderately high THC strain at 19% THC in this 3.5g pack. The rich terpenes, complete cannabinoid profiles, and manageable THC are the perfect combination for both new smokers and experienced enthusiasts. This tasty, terpy strain is mostly blueberry and berry mixed with an earthy aroma for a lush flavor and intense aroma. 

805 Glue 

805 Glue is an original cultivar from Pacific Stone. This strain was created by crossing 805 with GG#4. 805 Glue is a southern California staple, with its name paying homage to the area code that brought it to life. It offers a bright citrus aroma and earthy, sour notes. Although the smell reflects its citrus terpenes, the taste full of spice and skunk.

The combination of aroma and flavor makes for a truly unique strain. It is ideal for those who don’t want a fruity flavor to their flower and instead enjoy more earthy tastes. Although 805 Glue has a strong diesel aroma, it doesn’t deter from potentially creating an appetite. 

Private Reserve OG 

Private Reserve is also known as OG #18. This phenotype boasts a noticeably pungent aroma you’ll smell before you see. It’s an award-winning, high yield strain potentially offering a deeply soothing experience. The intense flavor profile is thanks to the rich terpenes and cannabinoid profiles that Pacific Stone is known for.

Private Reserve OG might also deliver a rush of relaxation and a crisp, clear head high. This potentially elevating strain might be best for those looking for a relaxing night in with tier favorite snacks.

805 Sour Hybrid 

805 Sour is an authentic hybrid experience from Pacific Stone. A phenotype from the popular Sour OG, this potent strain is a fresh and floral option for those looking to potentially experience both a head and body high that eases the senses. Sour Diesel and SFV OG Kush are in the lineage for 805 Sour, making it a funky flavor and aroma. You’ll potentially experience a deep euphoria to accompany the soothing body highs from 805 Sour. It’s a high THC strain at 20% THC and generally about 2% CBD. You might be energized and mentally clear while still experiencing deeply relaxing waves of bliss. 

Pacific Stone products can be found at the Valley Pure Lemoore and Woodlake locations. You can also find them on their website or follow them on social media to see the latest updates. Follow Valley Pure to see exclusive content and find your next favorite.




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