Valley Pure’s Lindsay Dispensary Is The Local Favorite


The original orange capital of California, Lindsay, is a beautiful city tucked down southward in Tulare County. A former checkpoint on the Butterman Overland Mail Stage Route, the crossroads city now has one more reason to stop by. With pride, Valley Pure represents the Lindsay area through our dispensary, stocked with the best cannabis products and weed around.

Our Lindsay weed dispensary is located on 133 West Honolulu Street. You’ll find our cozy yet modern storefront right on the street. Inside is an equally immaculate store space and a knowledgeable staff ready to connect you with the exact items you’re looking for. You aren’t going to find a Lindsay weed dispensary that has better selection and quality compared to Valley Pure.

Extracts, flower, and edibles are the Valley Pure specialty at our Lindsay location. Ahead of your trip, view our menu on the website to see just how vast the selection is. You can also view special offers with the click of a button, and filter based on product type. We dedicate ourselves to exceptional pricing despite carrying top tier weed at our dispensary. 

The Valley Pure experience is all about educated, expert access to the highest quality flower, vapes, concentrates, and edibles for you. Let our trained team of budtenders direct you to top deals on weed and cannabis products you won’t find at any other Lindsay dispensary.

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Kush Cake, Walter White, and many more revered strains meet their full potential within Ember Valley grow houses. Valley Pure in Lindsay offers eighth servings of their cultivar; grown in a fully controlled and passionate environment by their family of veteran farmers. Weed from Ember Valley brings bountiful trichomes, vibrant colors, and flavorful terpene profiles to the table, indeed showing the true craftsmanship behind their cultivation process. 

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A large slice of our cannabis extracts at Valley Pure of Lindsay come from Highland. The craftspeople under this brand name utilize every aspect of the cannabis plant at each stage of their process. Their goal is to provide customers and patients with top-of-the-line cannabis concentrates at excellent pricing. We presently provide Highland Oil Company’s cured live resin, shatter, and badder in strains like Sour Berry, Gorilla Glue, and White Runtz.

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There are over 150 different cannabis edibles available at Valley Pure in Lindsay. A singular example out of our list of exemplary snack-masters is Dr. Norm’s. Their true commitment to family recipes together with precise, natural ingredients consistently wins the hearts of California dispensary patrons everywhere. In Lindsay, our Valley Pure dispensary stocks several of Dr. Norm’s exceptional snacks, as well as vegan options. Brownies, cookies, and crispy rice bars are three mediums their chefs excel in that you can find at our location.

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  • What time is the store open?
    • Valley Pure in Lindsay, CA is open every day of the week from 9AM-9PM. You can place an order anytime, but you should allow for time during open hours for it to be fully processed and ready for pickup.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    • Valley Pure Lindsay is currently a cash-only dispensary, and you will pay for your order upon arrival.
  • What info do I need for recreational/medical shopping?
    • Recreational shoppers must have a 21+ ID with them when they visit our dispensary. The ID must be valid and active. We cannot accept expired forms of identification.
  • I have questions about a product/deal/event. How can I reach an associate?
    • You can call the store during open hours via (559) 788-7640, and you can also contact us via email through the website.
  • What COVID guidelines are observed by Valley Pure Woodlake?
    • [___]


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