Lemonnade Guide: Super-Charged Sativa Flower And Concentrates At Valley Pure

Lemonnade is the beloved sister brand to Cookies cannabis with its own retail arm. They focus their experience on elevating sativa strains and products for those looking for flavor and high potency. Quality control is just as crucial to Lemonnade, and its seed-to-sale structure allows for total control. Every step at Lemonnade is meticulously thought out to produce the best premium products you’d expect from the Cookies family

From cultivation to retail, Lemonnade spares no expense in crafting a truly unique experience. Lemonnade has been a household name since its 2015 inception with Growing Passion. They became known for their exclusive collaborations and crew. Our customers love Lemonnade for their variety of outrageously flavorful sativa strains that might fuel creativity. They are the perfect addition to our Valley Pure locations as top-quality, artisan cannabis that might put a pep in your step.




Lemonnades’ greenhouse-grown Medellin flower is made for those who want a proper OG nose to their smoke. Medellin has an overpowering gassy aroma and truly funky flavor. Its musky notes match with its diesel taste to give you an intense premium strain. Medellin is potentially perfect for those looking to get some light relaxation in both their body and mind. Lemonnades’ Medellin potentially leaves you feeling clear and ready to tackle the day.


Blanco from Lemonnade is anything but basic. This indoor flower is an explosive addition to the Lemonnade options at Valley Pure. Blanco is the indoor flower strain of your daydreams. It has a bright taste that is sugary sweet. Lemonnades’ Blanco is a clean, gassy aroma that is both sour and sweet. Blanco tests the boundaries of duality as it might offer users both energy and relaxation in its effects. You might find yourself uplifted by Blancos’ clean smoke. The gassy finish pairs well with its sweet taste, potentially leaving you in a haze of perfect enlightenment. `  

Cake Mix

Cake Mix is Lemonnades’ award-winning version of Wedding Cake. They took all of the potentially enlivening elements of this strain and put them to the extreme. Cake Mix brings your favorite parts of wedding cake to life with a creamy nose and vanilla aroma. Cake Mix is potentially an uplifting and exciting strain offering a euphoric experience in body and mind. A crisp, earthy flavor offsets the vanilla taste of Cake Mix. The original lineage of Wedding Cake, Triangle Kush X Animal Mints, comes to life in the Cake Mix strain. 


Lions Mane Badder

Lions Mane is an original flavor bred by the Lemonnade crew. It hits hard and fast with a tart aroma and spicy kick. Lions Man Badder is as smooth as it is flavorful. Lemonnade comes out of the gate showing that they are more than just a sister to Cookies; they can stand on their own as a high-quality sativa brand. The smooth badder consistency matches perfectly with a light chamomile taste. This strain is potentially perfect for getting your day started and keeping a steady mental buzz. Lions Mane is a strong contender if you enjoy sativa leaning dabs. The earthy notes and sour funk are sure to be a new favorite for daily dabbers. 

TangEray Sugar

TangEray is a new flavor hitting the Valley Pure shelves from Lemonnade. This fruity concoction is a burst of authentic fruit flavor. Lemonnade is always at the forefront of creative craft sativa strains, and TangEray is no exception. TangEray combines citrus and pine in a tropical fruit salad of island enjoyment. As a sativa leaning strain, it potentially offers unmatched focus with an unreal body high. The potentially relaxing effects are matched only by the cerebral creativity you might find. TangEray is quickly becoming beloved by consumers and cannasseurs alike.

Lemon Pepper Live Resin Cart

Lemonnade isn’t just producing high-quality flower and consistent concentrates. They also develop easy-to-use cartridges for your discreet dabbing pleasure. Lemon Pepper is one of Lemonnade’s exclusive strains with rapper Rick Ross. This strain, in particular, brings Lemon Skunk and OG Kush together to make a savory, flavor-packed cart. Lemon Pepper features a spicy funk with a sour lemon aroma. The combination of lemon with zesty diesel creates a unique flavor reminiscent of lemon pepper wings. The distinct flavor is thanks in part to Lemonnades’s commitment to high-quality terps, including limonene. The high THC and terpene content make this cartridge a power-packed product. 

Although Lemonnade is a sister brand to Cookies, their products show us that they are a force to be reckoned with. From Lemonnades’ exotic and clean concentrates to their award-winning flower options, the Valley Pure team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect flavor for you. You can find more Lemonnade at our locations or follow along to find out more on their next drop.




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