Kings Garden Brand Guide: Legendary OG at Valley Pure

Kings Garden is a widely regarded and legendary OG flower producer in California. They are one of the largest original cultivators in Coachella Valley, California, giving them a unique location for their tried and true techniques. Kings Garden has room to brag as the number one recommended brand by Valley Pure budtenders for novice consumers. Kings Garden produces consistently clean and high-quality products. For both flower and concentrates, King’s garden delivers top-shelf, truly unique genetics. 

Kings Garden KGB Valley Pure

Killer Green Bud “KGB”

Killer Green Bud is a tastefully potentially relaxing hybrid from the growers of Kings Garden. This possibly potent and relaxing strain is a welcome addition to Valley Pure as a great option for potential stress relief. KGB derives from the gelato family and has an easily recognizable funk. It’s an ideal option for those who might need a potential mental pick-me-up and quick physical comfort. The strain has a creamy onset when first experienced that settles into a pungent, earthy smoke. 

Kings Garden Guide Valley Pure

Kings Cake

Kings Cake is a heavy strain fit for a king. The strain is Kings Gardens’ response to the ever popular wedding cake genetic library. As an award winning phenotype, Kings Cake is a potential rush of flavor with the potentially knockout head high you trust. This sweet treat is a truly tasty confection with those sweet vanilla notes only this strain can deliver. Kings Cake is in a category all it’s own as a well-balanced melody of flavor and THC. 

Kings Garden Guide Valley Pure

Pie Hoe 

Pie Hoe is a cross between Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. Originally created in Colorado, this gassy grape made its way to the California coast. Pie Hoe holds its own with a deep diesel aroma right out of the jar. Notes of tart grape notes follow the pungent aroma that mingle in a funky fusion. Pie Hoe has cult status across California. 

Kings Garden Guide Valley Pure

Blue Dream/Kings Cake Batter 

Kings Cake/Blue Dream Batter is the creamy concentrate of your dreams. It’s the combination of legendary Blue Dream and Kings Gardens’ own version of Wedding Cake. This delicious strain from Kings Garden smells like baking blueberry muffins with it’s potentially warm vanilla nose and tart blueberry flavor. Kings Cake/Blue Dream might offer potentially uplifted calm and a sense of well-being. The strain potentially leaves you content and creative with some slight couch lock, potentially best enjoyed during an evening in. 




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