Best Infused Pre-Rolls Currently Available At Valley Pure Dispensaries

Every Valley Pure location strives to bring the best cannabis products in California to our shelves. We have a selection of premium infused pre-rolls for every discerning cannasseur. With each dispensary, there is a unique array of infused pre-roll availability. Most locations carry both individual and multi-packs of fan-favorite strains. Whether you’re in Lindsay, Farmersville, Lemoore, or Woodlake, Valley Pure dispensaries share the common goal of utter quality control.

In this handy guide, you’ll find some of our favorite infused pre-rolls currently available at each Valley Pure location. Infused pre-rolls like Hashbone offer a powerful and easy way to enjoy cannabis. Infused pre-roll Menu options change frequently so be sure to stay up to date on all Valley Pure has to offer. Looking for the next strongest joint you’ve ever had? We are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.


Singolo – Biscotti Denver Cookies x Lemon Bean

Singolo is the ideal option for any infused pre-roll fan. This distinct combination of Denver Cookies with Lemon Bean makes this a potent pre-roll. Singolo showcases the full spectrum of their pre-rolls by combining premium hash and top-shelf flowers. Every pre-rolls comes with a powerful blend of exotic flower and resin hash strains. Singolo offers a 90:10 ratio of flower to hash for potentially balanced enjoyment.

Every Singolo Biscotti pre-roll is created with full-spectrum properties. You’ll find a clean, consistent experience with their Denver Cookies x Lemon Bean. Just like with its other products, Singolo produces every product in-house without pesticides or additives. Denver Cookies x Lemon Bean is a Sativa dominant cross. This strain is perfect for those who might want a potentially uplifting and buzzing high. At $11 before tax the Denver Cookies x Lemon Bean from Singolo might be perfect for busy days or long nights. 

Fuzzies – King Maui Wowie Infused Pre-Roll 

Fuzzies bring a long-time favorite strain out in an innovative way. With their Maui Wowie Infused Pre Roll you get fan-favorite genetics and potency in one pre-roll. Maui Wowie is one of the original Sativa strains. Originating in the ’70s on its native Hawaiin island, it quickly became a favorite across the United States. Maui Wowie can be deceiving, with some indica qualities hidden in its genetics. This strain offers a potentially clear Sativa high that might provide uplifting and energizing effects.

Fuzzies take the pre-roll game seriously. Every King pre-roll is packaged to deliver you an even smoke from start to finish. Valley Pure brings you all of your favorite Fuzzies with most pre-rolls starting at $20 before tax. Every pre-roll is packed with hash-infused, smooth flavors. 



LIIIT STIIIZY Rosay Infused Pre-Roll

STIIIZY is a household name at Valley Pure. With their award-winning vapes and trendy merchandise, it is no wonder why. The LIIIT STIIIZY Infused Pre-Rolls are a harmonious blend of their best products. They match their high-quality flower with full-spectrum live resin to create a potentially unique experience.

The Rosay Infused Pre-Roll is indica dominant. STIIIZY has infused Rosay with its SFV Live Resin for this potent pre-roll. Rosay is potentially a great fit for those who might be looking to unwind. The strain offers a sticky-sweet aroma coupled with a berry taste. Its flavorful terpene profile makes it a smooth smoking experience. 

STIIIZY LIIIT OG Infused Pre-Roll 

STIIZY offers options in a variety of strains and flavors. Their OG Infused Pre Roll is an Indica leaning powerhouse. The OG pre-roll is infused with Rocket Fuel Live Resin. This infusion makes it a great choice for those who want to potentially slip smoothly into relaxation. Because the OG infused Pre Roll is from STIIIZY, you can trust that it only contains the cleanest flower and live resin oil.

Matching their potency with affordability means that the OG pre-roll comes in at $20 before tax. Their commitment to quality cannabis products makes this pre-roll perfect for a potentially relaxing night in. Every strain-specific pre-roll from STIIIZY is made from premium flower, full-spectrum live resin, and coated in their potent kief. 


 Singolo Biscotti Marshmallow OG x Lava Cake

Singolo offers consistent flavor with their Biscotti Infused Pre Rolls. Their Marshmallow OG x Lava Cake is a strong contender as a favorite of regulars and new smokers. Marshmallow OG brings out a sweet candy flavor. It offers a pungent note with a slightly nutty taste. Marshmallow OG on its own is an Indica leaning strain. It offers potentially cerebral and calming effects to users.

When you pair Marshmallow OG with tasty Lava Cake, a new star is born. Lava Cake might potentially be the best relaxer on the market. It potentially produces highly potent, full-body effects. It pairs perfectly with the sweet scent of Marshmallow OG. Most people report similar sugary scents from both genetics. Singolo blends these two to create a sweet treat. This Indica is potentially ideal for a night in with your favorite snack and movie. 


Fuzzies – King Fruity Grape Ape Infused Pre-Roll

Grape Ape is an extremely well-known Indica dominant strain. Fuzzies have paired this powerful strain with its Fruity Infused Pre Rolls. Grape Ape is an award-winning cultivar, taking home consecutive trophies for its unique lineage. It comes from a combination of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani Landrace from Apothecary Genetics. This Indica pre-roll might be just right for enjoying an evening alone or with friends. Grape Ape from Fuzzies might be perfect for those looking for pain relief or assistance falling asleep.

True to its name with a tart grape flavor and sweet aroma, Grape Ape might provide lasting pain relief. Its affordability is almost as tempting as its terpene profile. Fuzzies Fruity Infused Pre Roll rings in at only $20 before tax. At such a great price, it is no wonder that it’s a mainstay on our shelves. Fuzzies match great flavor with potentially strong effects for even the most seasoned cannabis fan.

No matter what Valley Pure dispensary you are closest to, we are guaranteed to have an expansive selection of infused pre-rolls. We represent the best California brands you can find in the Central Valley. Find your favorites by clicking on a location below and shopping online.




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