5 Vape Cartridges With The Highest THC At Valley Pure Dispensaries

Valley Pure has the widest selection of cannabis vape products in California’s Central Valley. When potency is what you’re after, these disposable vapes are the perfect pairing of price and power. If you don’t have time to search through Valley Pure’s four different menus, don’t worry, this handy guide has you covered. There are disposable, 510 thread, and Pod vape choices for every level of cannabis consumer. High THC means you get a fresh flavor with potentially fast-acting, highly potent oil. Check out our list of some of the highest THC vape cartridges and visit one of our four menus below to see what’s in stock.

Buddies Brand – Clementine CDT 1G Distillate Vape

Buddies Brand produces an enormous line of potent Liquid Diamonds Live Resin and Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes vape carts. Known for their single-source oils available in California, Oregon, and Washington, their Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes (or CDT) carts are especially powerful. Their 1G Clementine CDT vape has tremendous funky citrus flavors that come from real cannabis. The potency is sitting at 89.7% THC and the cost is $40 before tax. A few puffs of this classic Sativa might seriously relieve stress and provide a creative jolt of energy. Read our Buddies Brand Guide for more info.

STIIIZY – OG Kush .5/1G Pod

STIIIZY creates some of the most popular cannabis extracts in California and beyond. Known for their sleek proprietary vape Pod system, customers love the options for battery customizations. One of their most high-potency Pods is their OG Kush strain that comes in .5G or 1G Pods for only $20-35 before tax. OG Kush is a West Coast staple for potentially mood-lifting yet physically relaxing highs. This oil contains 88.95% THC for a high that might come quickly after one or two hits. We never run out of STIIIZY’s high-potency vape Pods at Valley Pure’s dispensary in Farmersville.

Heavy Hitters – Pineapple Express .3g Disposable

At 92% THC content Heavy Hitter delivers a heavy punch with Pineapple Express. This well-known strain has its roots in California cinema. Pineapple Express is known to some as “the dopest dope ever smoked” and Heavy Hitter proves that with this vape. It has its roots in Trainwreck and Hawaiian genetics. Pineapple Express from Heavy Hitters sneaks in with a fresh, bright aroma. Likening itself to Apples and tropical fruit. It is true to its name with a crisp pineapple flavor you can taste. You can find this potentially energizing strain on Valley Pure shelves in Lemoore. The Heavy Hitters Pineapple Express vape gives you 87% THC and a great price at $30 before tax. 

Flav – Forbidden Fruit 1ml Disposable

Flav has become a favorite in the vape space. Their Forbidden Fruit Pod is an out-of-this-world, flavorful vape option. Whether you are a connoisseur or looking to start vaping Flav’s Forbidden Fruit is a tasty treat. Forbidden Fruit comes from a lineage that includes Cherry Pie and Tangie, both mainstays in the cannabis community. This fruity flavor is sticky and sweet with reportedly mixed berry and grape notes. The citrus aroma is perfect for this Indica leaning strain. Forbidden Fruit is the ideal strain for a potentially uplifting and delicious experience. At $30 for a 1ml convenient and discreet disposable vape pod that contains over 83% total cannabinoids, it might be just right. 

Dime Bag – Green Crack 1G 510 Thread

Dime Bag makes cannabis products for people that like to get high. They care about giving you access to high-potency cannabis products that don’t break the bank. Their Green Crack 1G 510 thread cartridge comes with some seriously strong distillate. With skunky notes of mango, ripping this Sativa cart might provide uplifting energy that carries you throughout the day. This cart has 87.7% THC and only costs $35 before tax.

Jeeter Juice – Banana Kush 1G 510 Thread

Jeeter is responsible for some of the highest potency pre-rolls, blunts, and vape carts you can find in California. We love their Jeeter Juice 1G distillate carts at our Lemoore location that come with high percentages and big flavor. Their Banana Kush strain is especially potent, showing off 84.07% THC. Banana Kush is a popular cross between OG Kush and Banana. The flavor comes across creamy, sweet, and sour. Taking a couple pulls of Jeeter’s Banana Kush might produce a sedative high indicative of OG lineage.

You can always find more high THC content options by searching our menu. Visit the menu of the Valley Pure dispensary nearest you below and see what vapes with the highest THC are available.




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