Hashbone Guide: Powerful Pre-Rolls Infused With Top-Shelf Flower And Hash At Valley Pure

Valley Pure dispensaries carry the most potent cannabis products from Hashbone by Hollister Cannabis Co. Hashbone has one of the most extensive lines of infused and non-infused pre-rolls in California. Their most popular infused pre-rolls are a top-shelf blend of 75% premium flower and 25% cold water bubble hash. Hashbone sets itself apart in the pre-roll sector with the highest hash infusions and the most premium whole-flower. At Valley Pure dispensaries in California’s Central Valley, we stock Hashbone’s entire product line of infused and non-infused pre-rolls. 

With a smooth, slow burn and full flavor profile, you’ll find Hashbone pre-rolls stand the test. As a true premium pre-roll, you don’t have to worry about Hashbone being hard to handle. They pride themselves on an even burn and great taste in every pre-roll. Controlling every step of the process, including packaging, puts quality control at the top at Hashbone.

Hashbone only uses top-shelf, California-grown flower and clean, solvent-less bubble hash. Each pre-roll is hand-packed in a natural, chemical-free paper to ensure optimal weight so that you get a product you can truly enjoy. Learn more about a few of their most popular products at Valley Pure dispensaries. Check our menus at the bottom to find out what Hashbone products are currently available at our four dispensaries.

Gelato Glue/Sherbet 1G Pre-Roll

Hashbone hits hard right out of the gate with their Gelato Glue/Sherbet 1g Pre-Roll. As always, they bring you a healthy mix of their 75% premium flower and 25% solvent-less bubble hash for a potent and tasty experience. Landing at $11 before tax, this 1g pre-roll means you get affordability with powerful genetics. Indica leaning Sherbet is the perfect cross with Gelato Glue. Potentially powerful relaxing full-body effects merge with an electric head high to give you just the right amount of energy. Hashbones pre-rolls are powerful in packs and on their own.

This Gelato Glue/Sherbet 1g matches award-winning genetics with an unmatched flavor. Sherbet, with its indica roots, is a cross of fan-favorite GSC and Pink Panties. Winning 3rd place in 2017 at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, Sherbet is a powerful strain in its own right. Cross that with Gelato Glue, a well-known strain, and you get out-of-this-world potency. Gelato Glue is another strain that comes from powerful parents. Formerly known as Gorilla Glue Gelato, it is a combination of GG#4 and Gelato. When you experience the Gelato Glue/Sherbet 1g Pre-Roll you’ll get hints of chocolate, with a pine and diesel aroma sure to potentially spark creativity and relaxation. 

Cookins/Lemon Jack Minis

When you want potency, Hashbone has you covered with their Cookins/Lemon Jack Mini Pack. These 0.5g mini pre-rolls are the perfect size to enjoy alone or with friends. The powerful genetics of the Cookins and Lemon Jack help this pack to test at around 24% THC. Each Mini Pack comes with 5, 0.5g mini pre-rolls ready to pack a punch. Its genetics means you get a clean, true-to-taste experience. Lemon Jack is a cross between Jack Herer and Lemon Kush. 

Like with their other pre-roll products, the Mini Pack is created with 75% premium flower and 25% of potent bubble hash. Cookins/Lemon Jack Minis will potentially leave you with a strong head high that might have you feeling talkative and loose. That means this hybrid is potentially ideal for focus and energy to get you through the day. With a spicy taste and warm, fruit aroma the scent alone can send you into orbit. For this 5-pack Hashbone hits the mark with a $22 before tax price point. Affordability and potency come together seamlessly for Hashbone and their Cookins/Lemon Jack Mini Pre-Roll Pack. 

Orange Creamsicle/Blue Dream Wolfie 

If you haven’t experienced the Hashbone Wolfie, then Valley Pure has a treat for you. Their 1 gram Orange Creamsicle/Blue Dream Pre-Roll is perfect for seasoned cannabis consumers. Hashbone has created the perfect product to enjoy alone or over a few sessions with friends. Keeping on brand with their 75% top shelf flower to 25% bubble hash ratio, the Wolfie also has full-spectrum cannabis oil and is rolled in hash. They believe in no additives or synthetics so you get pure hash that is less messy than life, and more power. 

Unlike distillate, full-spectrum cannabis oil might offer you a longer-lasting high with no additives and the plant’s natural terpenes. The Orange Creamsicle/Blue Dream Wolfie matches refreshing aromas with potentially uplifting effects. Orange Creamsicle is a cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, two highly favored strains. The bright, fruity notes and vanilla taste match nicely with Blue Dream’s well known flavor profile. With its strong flavor and potentially calm, yet invigorating head high, the Orange Creamsicle/Blue Dream Wolfie is ready to last you through the day or night. You can find a selection of Wolfies at Valley Pure for the affordable price of $11 before tax.

Ice Cream Cake/ Platinum Cookies 1g Pre-Roll 

If you need something sweet, the Ice Cream Cake/Platinum Cookies 1g Pre-Roll from Hashbone can help any sweet tooth. This pre-roll brings well-known genetics to the Hashbone process to produce a high-quality product. Not only does Hashbone provide their top-tier production standards, they also lay the groundwork for a great genetic cross. At around 26% potency, this strain is just right for those looking to experience a potentially strong head and body high. 

Ice Cream Cake is a strain in many growers’ books. The aromatics are reminiscent of baking cookies with a warm and sugary scent. After the sugary smell subsides you’ll find a sour, nutty aroma that goes back to IceCream Cakes’ original genetics. IceCream Cake and Platinum cookies together deliver a sweet, berry flavor and potentially relaxed creativity that might leave you hungry for more. This powerful pre-roll lands at $11 before tax making it just right for you to enjoy. 

You can always find powerfully potent and affordable options from Hashbone at Valley Pure. We are always committed to bringing in the best brands across California. Visit our menus to see what’s in stock at the Valley Pure dispensary nearest you.




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