Flav Brand Guide: Cannabis Edibles, Beverages, Flower, Pre-rolls, and Vapes Jam-Packed With Flavor

When selecting products to provide to Valley Pure customers, we make the most honest farms and manufacturers our priority. In 2015, Flav was the first California cannabis company to put true terpene profiles on their vaporizer cartridges. This is just one of several highlights during their operation that puts legitimate commitment to the science of cannabis behind their name. Vapes aren’t Flav’s only specialty, though.

This is a cannabis company that provides all four Valley Pure locations with multiple lines of cannabis products. Edibles, vaporizers, and flower from Flav can often be found at our Lemoore, Woodlake, Farmersville, and Lindsay locations alike. You can visit each of the stores’ menus by clicking the links at the bottom of this guide.

While Flav procures a large variety of cannabis products, Valley Pure primarily stocks their edibles, beverages, flower, pre-rolls, and vapes. Here’s a thorough breakdown of what to expect from Flav at Valley Pure, and what makes all of these products as unique as they are.

Flav Products at Valley Pure Cannabis Dispensaries


Hand-trimmed, dried, and cured, and grown with strain-committed precision. Valley Pure dispensaries in California stock plenty of flower from Flav because it’s consistently farmed with exceptional care. When buying their bud, look out for their “Small Buds” half-ounce servings. Unless you’re one who peruses only the largest nugs, you may find better value overall for unwaveringly top-notch weed when you get these servings.

Standout strains of cannabis from Flav include Gelato, Mango Brulee, Papaya Punch, El Chapo, Platinum Zkittles, and GMO, among others. 

Bottle Rockets: Pre-Rolls by Flav

The same high-quality cannabis flower is available at Valley Pure with Flav’s Bottle Rockets. These gram joints come in stylish tubes and with infused options. Our customers rave about the delicious flavor and noteworthy potency of these pre-rolls. Check out strains like Wedding Crasher, Superman OG, Runtz, White Lotus, and more.



100mg of THC awaits those who buy beverage pouches by Flav. These packages of powdered drink solution are an ingenious method of turning any drink into a fruity cannabinoid-infused explosion. The portability of these drink pouches is considerably greater compared to other THC beverages that are commonly canned or bottled, making Flav’s beverages great for on-the-go indulgers.

Image via @flavrxtracts on IG

Flav Creations, Sweets, Gummies, and Candies

There are enough styles of gummies and sweets by Flav at this point that they could open their own adult candy store. Their mastery of gelatin edibles met Valley Pure’s approval, and we stock loads of these curious creations at our cannabis dispensaries. Sour belts, squares, and rings are just three prominent gummies they create, guaranteed to satisfy both your cannabis and candy cravings at once.

On top of this are several other items, such as fruit drop hard candies also infused with THC. Meanwhile, their use of cocoa to create dark chocolate candies and covered espresso beans provides Valley Pure customers with a unique selection of gourmet cannabis chocolates. Be sure to additionally ask our staff for gluten-free edible options, as we offer those as well.

Disposable Live Resin Cartridges and Vaporizers

As mentioned before, Flav got their fame in 2015 by putting terpene profiles on their vaporizers. The same vapes Valley Pure sells today maintain that commitment to plant genetics and identity. Their half and full gram live resin servings, now provided with a disposable battery, are perfect for sleek and simple smokes. You can find the strains of these cartridges to include Fire OG, Forbidden Fruit, Unicorn Breath, and Banana OG among others.

Innovators now and always, Flav has a clear place on Valley Pure dispensary shelves. Feel free to call any of our locations with any questions regarding these products. Additionally, make a note to click the links below to browse current Flav products at your local Central Valley dispensary to make sure we have what you’re looking for. 

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