Dime Bag Brand Guide: Potent Low-Cost Flower, Cartridges, and Concentrates at Valley Pure

Valley Pure is here to give you exclusive access to Dime Bag products at our locations. Dime Bag is cannabis for the people. They are a proud California-based company growing their flower in organic nutrients and soil. They pride themselves on being accessible and affordable for all types of cannabis consumers. Dime Bag offers an array of products to help you elevate your cannabis game.

At Valley Pure, you’ll find everything from flower to concentrates and cartridges. There is no shortage of terpenes or flavor in Dime Bag creations. Find out what products we currently carry by checking our online menus below. Learn more about some of their best-selling products with this convenient brand guide.

Dime Bag Flower

Cookie Wreck 

Cookie Wreck is a collaborative strain between award-winning cultivators brought to us by Dime Bag and their high-quality products. This flower is fresh and strong with a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck BXII. The crosses are created by CannaVenture Seeds and have produced a high THC plant that produces luscious scents. Cookie Wreck is true to its name with a nutty vanilla flavor that’s hard to mistake. Cookie Wreck potentially gives users a hard-hitting body high. Dime Bag comes out of the gate with delicious and affordable selections like Cookie Wreck. 


If you’re in the market for a real relaxing time, Sherblato by Dime Bag is the hybrid for you. Sherblato is a cross between Sherbet and Gelato. Its lineage in Sherbet is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Pink Panties. This cross creates an indica leaning strain that packs a delicious punch. Sherbet is an award-winning strain born and bred in the San Fransico Bay Area by Sherbinski. They then combined with well-known Gelato to create a sweet treat. Sherblato is potentially a relaxing yet powerful strain rich in flavor and terpenes. 

Maui Citrus 

Maui Citrus, also known as Orange Zkittlez is potentially the ideal hybrid for hyper-focus and physical relief. This cultivar was first founded by the West Coast cultivation group 3rd Gen Family. This Strain is fruity cross between Agent Orange and Zkittlez bred to produce big yields and bigger buds. Its bright colors go well with the citrus aroma. This strain is like sipping a fruit smoothie on the beach.  Dime Bags’ Maui Citrus potentially offers crystal clear focus with exciting arousal. We recommend this strain for those who might want a potentially energizing effect with their fresh, fruity flavor. 

Dime Bag Cartridges and Concentrates 

Northern Lights 

Northern Light is a famous favorite around Valley Pure. It boasts mysterious origins through Afghani and Thai strains. Northern Lights has been a commercialized strain since 1985. This strain has an unmistakable aroma thanks to its years as a favorite in the cannabis industry. This intense, truly OG scent matches perfectly with the funky taste that sticks to your tongue. Northern Lights in a Dime Bag cartridge is the ideal pair for discreet enjoyment.

Green Crack 

Green Crack Dime Bag Vape Cartridge is the funky flavor you’re missing in your vaping experience. This is a skunky sativa leaning hybrid. Its original cross is a Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace. Green Crack is reportedly originally named Cush and renamed Green Crack by Snoop Dogg. It’s considered to be a potent and award-winning strain. Dime Bag delivers Green Crack is an easy-to-use cartridge with its full-spectrum oil. 

GMO Sugar 

GMO or GMO Cookies is a cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Dime Bag has a unique GMO that is distinctly theirs. Its namesake Garlic Cookies is an apt description of its pungent aroma. The smell of fresh garlic hits as soon as you open the jar. Dime Bag is known to produce high-quality yet affordable concentrates, and GMO is no different. The only genetics being modified here is through their innovative harvesting process. Whether it’s in a cart or a jar, the concentrates from Dime Bag are above and beyond the competition. GMO is a distinct flavor all its own with a hard-hitting diesel note to match. GMO isn’t for the faint of heart; the pungent aroma only matches its powerful effects. Dime Bags’ GMO potentially relaxes while giving you an uplifted outlook for the day ahead. 

You can find more Dime Bag products at our Lemoore and Farmersville locations.




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