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The legendary Cookies cannabis brand not only sets precedents for the industry but for the art of cultivation too. Valley Pure carries the luxurious strains procured by Cookies’ skilled growers, and we couldn’t be more proud to do so. There’s a reason that Cookies is responsible for some of the most famous cannabis strains in the last decade. We make sure to carry their freshest and most recent drops. 

Started in 2010 by Berner and Jai, Cookies was making waves from the beginning with their notorious Cookies Fam strain, aka Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC. Ever since then they have procured countless more quality strains and expanded overseas. Today, Cookies is a $500 million California cannabis company.

Cookies predominantly provide us with top-shelf cannabis flower, though they also offer extracts, live resin cartridges, pre-rolls, tinctures, and accessories. An eighth of Cookies bud might last you longer than your average eighth of flower. The dense trichome layers boast both the potency and flavor you may need to stay high, while smoking less, for longer.

Supplies come and go as new batches come in, so be sure to check ahead of your visit to Valley Pure to ensure your dispensary is stocked. In order to give our customers an idea of what kind of Cookies strains and mediums we provide, here’s a breakdown of some of the top strains we offer.

Cookies Indoor-Grown Cannabis Strains at Valley Pure Dispensaries


Pink Rozay

A notoriously potent and potentially soothing indica, the Pink Rozay strain is a treat. The breeders at Cookies intend for Pink Rozay to mimic exactly that: pink rose, but without the hangover. Users of the strain report a potentially powerful head high that dominates the experience. Pink Rozay averages at 25% THC, making it one of the more potent options on this list.


Berry Pie

As you can tell from the name, Berry Pie is a sweet-scented, pungent sativa strain. Berry Pie is fruity, hearty, and the perpetrator of a potentially energetic head high. The crystal-coated nugs Cookies provides to Valley Pure are sure to win you over on the first try. 


Girl aka GSC

The first strain that started a legend and a legacy for the Cookies Fam—GSC. What is it that makes Cookies’ GSC more than just another hybrid? For one, it likely has to do with its parent strains: OG Kush and Durban Poison. 

Currently, Cookies sells their cultivar under the name Girl, so look for that name on our shop pages. The orange, purple, and green calico buds concealed in 3.5-gram pouches are ideal for those in search of a potential full-body high, an appetite, or just a relaxation conduit. 

Honey Bun

An extremely successful strain for its sheer potency and mouth-watering aroma, the Honey Bun strain is a must-try. Cookies themselves claim that Honey Bun smells, and even tastes, like a glazed donut. Gloriously bright green buds and orange hairs remind those indulging in Honey Bun that the sticky serum is primo through and through. We recommend Honey Bun for those that suffer from appetite loss and stress. Either for medical or recreational reasons, this strain may provide aid.

Cheetah Piss

Three strains combine in the vulgarly labeled and curiously potent Cheetah Piss strain. Between Gelato 42, Lemonnade, and London Poundcake 97, it might have more royalty in its blood than the average Targaryen, too. The result of this cross is a strange, caryophyllene-heavy experience that some report as arousing as well as relaxing and euphoric.

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Collins Ave

The Collins Ave strain is known for its potentially balanced head and body high. Collins Ave is a newer breed of cannabis procured through a collaboration between Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. A terpene profile dominated by limonene yields a creamy, citrusy aroma that some liken to a tart pastry. The combination of a mellow head high and the hug of a mellow body high might make Collins Ave a good choice for medical patients with chronic anxiety.

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It’s hard to get your hands on the Gelatti strain, and it’s even harder to hold onto. The mix of Cookies’ famous Gelato with the glorious Biscotti strain brings a reprise to OG smokes. Gassy, dense with trichomes, and potentially uplifting and relaxing, Gelatti is a favorite of old and new smokers alike.

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On occasion, Valley Pure carries a wealth of Cookies extracts. Their manufacturers are known to produce wax, live resin, crumble, cured badder, and sugar. By taking renowned cultivars into the fold of isolates and extracts, Cookies sets the standard for several categories on Valley Pure’s menu. It doesn’t stop at concentrates, either.

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Live Resin Cartridges, Blunts, Tinctures, and More 

On top of the standard 3.5-gram servings of Cookies flower we provide, you may also see Cookies pre-rolled blunts in Valley Pure weed dispensaries. Don’t worry, though, you won’t be getting any nicotine sickness from these blunts as they are exclusively made with organic hemp fibers.

The dedication to their strains’ reputations runs further. All Cookies vape cartridges are strain-specific and completely clean and additive-free. You can find cartridges of the strains listed above, as well as the likes of Grenadine, Gary Payton, Sweet Tea, and several more.

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Cookies also provide Valley Pure with delicious tinctures for adding to food and drink. They call it their “Liquid Flower.” Between all of these top-notch products and the genetics they serve, we’re certain you’ll always find a pleasant experience with Cookies cannabis. Click any of the links below for a look at which Cookies products are currently in at Valley Pure dispensaries.

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