Connected Cannabis Co. Guide: California’s Elite Flower, Concentrate, and Cartridge Brand

Valley Pure strives to provide the highest quality products to our customers, and Connected Cannabis Co. is one of those companies that never disappoints. This brand is one of the trendier and more well-known names in the California cannabis industry. Connected Cannabis was founded on the principle that anybody, including you, can be a cannabis enthusiast.

Established in 2009, Connected knows how to wow its audience. They’ve become a favorite among cannabis professionals and ordinary cannabis consumers after taking First Place in several categories at the Hightimes Cannabis Cup in both 2018 and 2017. People are always excited to see what they come up with next because of their superior grow techniques and unusual varieties.

Connected Cannabis Co. supplies a great selection of cannabis products to all of our Valley Pure locations. If you’re looking for it, Connected has it. Whether it’s high-quality flower, premium-grade extracts, or artizen Darts and disposables, there is a myriad of intriguing products to try. If you want to learn more about the cannabis goods Connected has to offer, keep reading to discover our top selections or visit our online menus.


Connected Cannabis Flower

Each cannabis growing technique has advantages and disadvantages, and it appears that everyone favors something different. Indoor-grown cannabis tends to be denser, but outdoor-grown cannabis generally produces bigger airier nugs. To accommodate everyone’s different tastes, Connected offers both indoor and outdoor-grown flower.

Connected has you covered whether you’re searching for a traditional strain like Gelato, and Biscotti, or uncommon strains like Lemonatti or Gelonade. With hundreds of strains in circulation, Connected is always releasing new strains to keep its products feeling fresh. Check out more Connected strains on our Woodlake menu to discover the wide range of options they provide.


Connected Cannabis Extracts

Extract From Connected Cannabis Co.

All of our oil enthusiasts and dabbers are in luck, Connected has extracts that you won’t be able to resist. In addition to the many flower options available, Connected Cannabis Co. offers a wide range of concentrates. From badder to diamonds to live resin sauce, there’s a delicious product waiting for you at every turn.

Each type of extract is great for a different reason. Badder is awesome because of its ease, diamonds are great for terpene definition, and live resin is an excellent method to retain commonly lost cannabinoids. In any case, stocking up on Connected concentrates is a smart decision. Especially when they include strains like Gushers, Sugar Cone x Biscotti.


Connected Cannabis Co. Vape

Connected Cannabis Co.’s vape products are totally cutting-edge. They not only offer a standard cartridge that is compatible with most vape devices, but they also offer their own battery and disposable vape pens that you can just smoke up and throw away. Everyone enjoys receiving a nice cart from their favorite cannabis brand, but these cartridges take quality and convenience to a whole new level. Because the vape pen isn’t screwed onto a third-party device, the quality of the hits is consistent, and the heat settings are just right. The disposable pens are even handier because they won’t need to be charged!

Some of the vape cartridges available at Valley Pure include strains like Gelonade, Guava 2.0, and The Chemist. Connected Cannabis Co’s cartridges and disposables truly deliver on the exotic flavors their cannabis strains provide. Stop in now and look over our online menu to see our prices!




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