Cannabiotix Guide: Boutique Cannabis Flower And Concentrates At Valley Pure

Cannabiotix (CBX) is here to introduce the people of Valley Pure to boutique cannabis and concentrates. CBX is unique with home-based in both California and Nevada. The founders had a simple mission of creating elite strains and unique genetics with sustainable practices. Today, CBX uses natural techniques in conjunction with modern methods to cultivate some of the best in the cannabis game.

Cannabiotix has achieved the perfect product with clean, award-winning cannabis. The exclusive cultivation’s from CBX are all in-house genetics. Their belief in consistent improvement has propelled the brand to new heights. We love the premium products so much we wanted to share a handy guide for picking your next purchase. Check out all that CBX has to offer at the Valley Pure locations. 


Thicc Mints Cookies 

Thicc Mints Cookies is a mild strain from CBX. Their award-winning grow practices are highlighted in this high THC hybrid. Thicc Mints Cookies can be found at upwards of 28% THC. It potentially offers a euphoric and relaxing effect for users. Thicc Mints Cookies is a unique phenotype from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and is a favorite from both Valley Pure and CBX. Thicc Mints Cookies smells like it is named, a thick, sweet minty aroma. This strain is well-loved for its potential ability to help various aches and pains, even appetite and insomnia issues. 

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake from CBX might be the euphoric trip you’ve been looking for. The only isle you need to walk down for this Wedding Cake is at Valley Pure. This mesmerizing strain is potentially both soothing and stimulating. Wedding Cake is a hybrid of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. It offers a fresh, fruity taste that sticks to your tongue. CBX knows their way around the flowers, and the dense buds found in Wedding Cake are proof. Wedding cakes’ potentially soothing effects come on quickly and offer lasting relief.

Kush Mountains

CBX Kush Mountains is a highly potent strain for potential pain relief and smooth sedation. It’s true to its namesake with a strong Kush flavor. Kush Mountains is an award-winning original from CBX. A gassy aroma counters its sweet candy taste from its rich terpenes. Kush Mountains is a cross between White Walker OG and Blue Flame OG Phenotype #4. Idealized for its potential medicinal-like effects, it’s a favorite of consumers looking for a potentially balanced experience. These buds are unique in structure and taste.


Milk & Cookies Terp Sugar

CBX knows more than just flowers. Their concentrates are just as potent with unique Terpene profiles. Milk & Cookies is a decadent cross between Cookies&Cream and Triple OG. Milk & Cookies is a smooth hybrid that potentially gives a well-balanced high. It has a creamy, vanilla taste with an OG funk from its Triple OG lineage. This might offer enthusiasts substantial physical relief coupled with an enthusiastic head high. 

Strawberry Lemonade Badder 

Looking for a pick me up? Strawberry Lemonade potentially is the energizing answer to your problems. The terpene-rich badder is made from fresh frozen greenhouse flower with a signature creamy consistency. The cross between Strawberry and Lemon OG is one you can taste in every dab. Strawberry Lemonade is true to its OG roots with a skunky flavor profile all its own. This hydrocarbon extracted concentrate potentially transports you to a sunny afternoon with its sweet flavor and tart notes of strawberry. CBX brings us Strawberry Lemonade Badder that is out of this world. 

You can always find an extensive selection of CBX at Valley Pure Lemoore and Valley Pure Farmersville. The Cannabiotix team comprises award-winning cultivators and extraction artists who have spent years perfecting their products. That’s why we’re proud to offer their clean cannabis to our customers. The unmatched quality and skill behind CBX are only part of the recipe. You can follow along on their journey or join in by picking up your favorite Cannbiotix products from Valley Pure.




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