Buddies Brand Guide: Single-Source, High-Terpene Extracts at Valley Pure

When you’re investing your money in cannabis extracts, it’s important to know you’re entrusting it to a reputable and experienced manufacturer. Buddies Brand is a cannabis company with products available in Oregon, Washington, and California. They craft high-quality concentrates and infuse them into other products as well. Vapes, gummies, capsules, and terpene-rich extracts are the flesh and blood of Buddies Brand.

This is your full guide to Buddies Brand products at Valley Pure dispensaries. Our dispensaries in Lemoore, Woodlake, Farmersville, and Lindsay always have Buddies in stock for you to scoop at the drop of a hat. Make sure to hit the links at the bottom of the page for each store to check stock ahead of your visit.

Buddies is a community-driven brand that won the hearts of Oregonians before they spread into Washington and California. The motto at Buddies is “Best In, Best Out.” This means they only put the most potent, terpene-rich flower through their extraction process to yield the same quality. The values Buddies cherish also represent our priorities at Valley Pure, as we aim to serve our communities with safe access to the cleanest, highest-quality cannabis products possible.

Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Drippers

Buddies Brand’s extraction process is of their own design; freezing plants freshly harvested from the grow house to later extract using subcritical temperatures. Their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Drippers are the purest representation of the strains they came from. By keeping their plants “live” through the extraction process, they’re able to deliver concentrates rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. All of Buddies’ cannabis products are additive-free, so the only ingredient is cannabis.

Buddies Brand’s Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Drippers are the cleanest and most convenient way to take a dab. The syringe allows you to meter your dose to get exactly as much as you need. Buddies’ Drippers allows for the easiest access to your dabs without wasting a single drop.

Buddies Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Vapes, Disposables, and Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Vapes

Speaking of convenience, nothing hits the mark quite like a vaporizer. The biggest concern dissuading people from vaporizers is the fear of additives or untested chemicals. Fortunately for Valley Pure customers, we know from the get-go where Buddies cartridges come from, and exactly what’s in them, just cannabis. We carry three different types of vapes from Buddies Brand that all only contain cannabis as their sole ingredient. Their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin vapes are the epitome of strain-specific flavor and potentially long-lasting effects. Some of our best-selling live resin vapes from them include Blue Banana, Durban Poison, Papaya, and Forbidden Zkittles.

For those that enjoy the potency of distillate but don’t always like the botanical terpenes companies add in, Buddies Brand’s Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes are the answer. High potency distillate is complemented by their cannabis-derived terpenes for the most noteworthy flavor and potentially strong effects. Standout strains from this product include Larry Bird Kush, Lime Sorbet, and Blue Banana.

Buddies’ Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Disposables offer the same quality in a more convenient delivery method. For low-volume, low-key cannabis users, the money value and utility provided by these disposables are bound to keep you enjoying potentially natural buzzes throughout the day. Strains include Sour Berry, Forbidden Zkittles, and Lemon Cake, so there’s also always a good selection of only reputable genetics.

THC Capsules by Buddies – Easy Dosing

At the end of the day, cannabis is a medicinal plant for many people. Even if you aren’t a medical user, the potential benefits people report from using cannabis still exist. Dosing cannabinoids became a very real thing in the 21st century, and Buddies’ THC Softgel Capsules complete the concept.

Buddies capsules are doses of pure THC, set to act within 40 minutes after ingestion. The fast-acting effects might be useful daily, particularly for patients. Valley Pure sells a variety of doses, including 5, 10, and 25mg capsules, sold in 10, 20, 25, 40, and 60 piece packages. Total doses, therefore, vary quite greatly, so be sure to inspect labels closely. Don’t be afraid to ask a Valley Pure associate for help navigating capsule-based edibles.

The most relaxing and long-lasting highs might come from the cleanest cannabis products. By Buddies only using cannabis as their main ingredient, you’re guaranteed a strain-specific experience every time. If you had any questions about Buddies products that were not answered by this guide, feel free to give any of our stores a call or contact us here with any concerns. Our staff at Valley Pure dispensaries are always ready with information on cannabis items in stock. Hit the links below to browse Buddies Brand products at your local Valley Pure storefront.

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