The Complete Guide To The Best Exotic Weed At Valley Pure

Whether you’re new to cannabis or are an experienced cannabis consumer, Valley Pure offers premium quality cannabis products and friendly, knowledgeable staff to serve you. As one of California’s industry leaders, Valley Pure consistently provides top-quality cannabis at affordable prices for all your medical and recreational cannabis needs, including the best exotic weed in Central Valley.

What Is Exotic Cannabis?

Exotic cannabis is all about genetics. Breeders like Alien Labs, Cookies, Connected Cannabis, Cannabiotix, and many more brands craft exotic cannabis strains by crossbreeding rare strains or crossing popular strains in new ways. Stability and quality in genetics are two of the most essential factors in exotic breeding operations. Notable breeders across California use varying methods to grow exotic cannabis strains. The key to solid exotic strains is their ability to thrive in radically different growing environments, making stable genetics incredibly important in exotic strain cultivation.

Product Recommendations

Alien Labs

Valley Pure is proud to offer out-of-this-world exotic cannabis strains crafted by Alien Labs. Alien Labs takes great care to develop unique strains rich in flavor and terpene profiles. 

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Area 41

Born by crossing Lemon Fuel OG with Gelato #41, Area 41 gives off bright, citrusy aromas followed by an earthy, woodsy flavor enhanced with tart lemony notes. White buds with purple leaves are dotted with tufts of orange hairs, adding to its cosmic appeal. This Indica-heavy strain could be perfect for a night at home spacing out on the couch.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure


Kryptochronic is a staff favorite at Valley Pure for good reason. This tasty fusion of Fruity Pebbles, Alien Cookies, and Jet Fuel Gelato creates a vibrant, cosmic strain. Intense gassy aromas make Kryptochronic perfect for cannabis consumers who like funky, skunky weed. Fruity berry flavors sweeten the musky scent for a rich terpene profile packed into a spacy purple bud covered in fuzzy trichome crystals beloved by many Valley Pure regulars.


The Cookies brand is one of the most recognizable names on the market today. This OG Cali player has gained worldwide attention for its innovative genetics, consistency, and authenticity. Valley Pure carries many of the luxe strains crafted by Cookies’ cultivators, but here are some of our favorite exotic cannabis strains by Cookies.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Pink Rozay

The notoriously potent Pink Rozay strain is a real treat. This balanced hybrid comes from a cross between Lemonchello 10 and LPC75. Pink Rozay fans like the fruity aromas and flavors and report a potentially cheerful and powerful head high that may accompany a relaxing body buzz. Pink Rozay’s potency hovers around 25% THC, making it one of the more potent exotic cannabis strains of this bunch.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Honey Bun

High potency combined with a mouth-watering aroma makes Cookies’ Honey Bun strain a must-try. The Cookies fam claims Honey Bun smells and tastes like a glazed donut. But sticky, bright green buds spattered with orange hairs remind Honey Bun tokers that this strain is a primo chief and anything but lightweight. Honey Bun can be used as a medical or recreational puff, and this strain may help stimulate appetite and relieve stress.

Connected Cannabis Co. 

Connected Cannabis Co. is one of California’s most consistent and reliable breeders of exotic cannabis. The brand aims to help consumers feel comfortable when shopping for marijuana products, from first-timers to old-school tokers. But that doesn’t mean the company uses a watered-down approach. Connected consistently wows fans with new award-winning exotic strains and world-class genetics.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure


Lemonatti is a natural beauty, with foxtail buds in shades of shamrock green and deep midnight blue complemented with orange pistils and covered in a frosty layer of trichomes. The potency of this Indica-dominant strain lives up to its eye-candy appeal, testing between 24% and 25%. Sweet lemon meringue aromas with a sugar cookie undertone turn minty when broken open. A heavy-lidded high may come on quickly, potentially making it an ideal strain for after dinner or bedtime.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure


The hybrid Gelonade strain comes from a cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. Sweet fruity, citrus flavors are backed by a touch of vanilla, with skunky gassy aromas backed by floral notes. Consumers note the Sativa-leaning Gelonade may produce uplifting, warm fuzzy effects that could smooth conversation, possibly making it suitable as a daytime strain or for social gatherings. Medical marijuana patients may find Gelonade helps to relieve symptoms related to pain and anxiety.


Valley Pure is a top purveyor of Cannabiotix (CBX) craft cannabis and concentrates. Cannabiotix elite strains and exotic genetics are bred and grown using sustainable practices with home bases in California and Nevada. Their use of natural techniques combined with modern technologies allows Cannabiotix to cultivate some of the best exotic cannabis strains available anywhere. 

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Thicc Mints Cookies

A unique take on the iconic Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, Thicc Mints Cookies exemplifies Cannabiotix’s award-winning grow practices in this top-notch strain. This bud’s ultra-high potency can go upwards of 28% THC, and crystal-coated green and purple buds give off a sweet minty aroma. The perfectly balanced Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison Indica/Sativa hybrid may offer euphoric and relaxing effects for users and is loved for its potential to help ease aches and pains, stimulate appetite, and counteract insomnia.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Kush Mountains

CBX Kush Mountains is a super potent hybrid strain testing at around 28% THC. A strong Kushy candy flavor contrasts heavy diesel aromas in this award-winning CBX original. White Walker OG crossed with Blue Flame OG makes for diamond-shaped Kush nugs with lavender tones and glassy trichome sprinkles. Kush Mountains is a favorite of medical marijuana users for potential pain relief and soothing sedative vibes.

Valley Pure now offers these and other exotic cannabis strains at three locations that provide fast, friendly, and pocket-friendly prices. Visit our dispensaries in Woodlake, Farmersville, or Lindsay to pick up your favorite exotic today.

Backpack Boyz

Backpack Boyz is one of the flashier top-shelf brands we carry at Valley Pure. They are Bay Area natives that grow phenomenal cannabis while maintaining a rich lifestyle focus. Their premium strains are reflective of cannasseur-quality genetics befitting of rappers and high rollers. Customers love their official feel and a wide variety of flavors. 

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Apple Gelato

Backpack Boyz Apple Gelato is a delectable and strong strain that comes from crossing Gelato 33 with Sour Apple. The buds look spectacular and are drenched in trichomes. With notes of candy and sour fruit, this strain might produce a heady euphoria that may fuel creativity. Medical users might enjoy smoking Backpack Boyz Apple Gelato to potentially reduce stress, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Brand Guide to Our Best Exotic Weed at Valley Pure

Black Cherry Gelato

Known for their outstanding Gelato varieties, Black Cherry Gelato is another exotic masterpiece from Backpack Boyz. This indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Black Cherry Funk and Acai Berry Gelato. With a super loud cherry funk on the nose, this strain presents all of the potency of a proper Gelato offspring. A few puffs might send you straight to cloud nine, potentially reducing stress and relieving pain. This might be the perfect exotic cannabis strain to smoke right before bed.





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