Autumn Brands Guide: Mindfully Crafted Cannabis Flower, Tinctures, and Topicals At Valley Pure

Based in Santa Barbara County, Autumn Brands is changing the face of the California cannabis industry. They are a family-owned and operated brand that is over 50% women-owned. As sixth-generation Dutch farmers that come from the tulip business—they have a serious green thumb. When they made the switch to cultivating cannabis, they took the same mindfulness and sustainable growing practices with them. Valley Pure is proud to carry their complete product line.

Autumn Brands’ secret is their traditional farming techniques that are over six generations old. Using only natural sunlight and a sizable acreage of Dutch greenhouses, they’re able to cultivate gorgeous, pesticide-free cannabis. They also put a focus on the healing power of cannabis and how it may bring balance and tranquility to an active lifestyle.

Autumn Brands recognizes the various needs in the cannabis industry across California and rises to meet them daily. Whether it is medical or recreational, their commitment to awareness and innovation remains the same. With a common goal to create craft-level cannabis products that may heal and help in daily life, Autumn Brands is a perfect fit at Valley Pure. You can find their flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and topicals on our menus throughout the Central Valley. Here is a guide to Autumn Brands products we carry at our Woodlake, Lindsay, Farmersville, or Lemoore locations. Check the menus at the bottom of the page to see what’s currently available as inventory varies.


Autumn OG

A true OG from Autumn Brands, Autumn OG lives up to all of the hype. Coming out as a pheno of PR OG, this strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid. This strain potentially brings users a relaxing euphoria that might be good for a weekend hang out or evening at home. With its potential for a calming head high and body buzz, this Indica is a serious contender.

You can see the density of the flowers through their tight buds in each package. As its lightly citrus aroma mixes with an earthy, pepper note you also get a scent that is unlike any other. You can trust that these hang dried and hand-trimmed buds are perfect for any day. Autumn Brands shows its commitment to clean products with its humidity packs in every jar so that you get the freshest product possible. Coming in a curated glass jar for optimal freshness, the Autumn OG strain is a true staple of any cannabis connoisseur for only $20 before tax.

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Melon Runtz

Melon Runtz is a fan favorite at both Autumn Brands and Valley Pure. With its lime green to purple, tightly packed flower, and creamy smoke it is clear why. Melon Runtz is an Indica dominant but that doesn’t mean it is a lazy strain. The potential for a creative, relaxed experience coupled with its berry-tropical aroma makes Autumn Brands Melon Runtz a tasty end-of-summer flavor.

As a hybrid, Melon Runtz is a smoky-sweet and aromatic strain, with further notes of an earthy spice shining through. This strain comes from well-known genetics as a mix of Zkittlez and Gelato #33. Leaning into its indica roots, Melon Runtz is a tropical treat. You can find melon Runtz in Autumn Brands’ signature glass jar and hydro pack combination to keep the product fresh. At $20 before tax for an eighth, Autumn Brands has mastered affordability with flavor in its Melon Runtz strain. 

Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve 

Small batch isn’t just for expensive skincare companies. Autumn Brands is bringing a small batch approach to craft cannabis with their Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve. For those who want to experience Autumn Brands’ premium products a different way, this salve might save you from aches and pains. The container is 2.1 ounces of pure bliss delivered through 400mg of High Terpene Full Spectrum cannabis oil. At a 1:7 ratio, it means there’s a strong potential for deep relaxation all day long. Autumn Brands is as innovative with their topicals as they are with the rest of their processing. They use cold extraction to bring Italian perfumery practices to Santa Barbara County.

While their focus is on potency and power, this salve speaks for itself. Using its 1:7 ratio rich in terpenes, the potential anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD get to work on your joints and muscles. Targeting your pain areas with THC and offering a potential full-body relaxation with CBD means that you might get a total body repair in one jar. Utilizing natural mineral magnesium might also bring naturally soothing relief to muscles with a potentially improved feeling of calm that might help you rest. Autumn Brands is fortunate to partner with The Grapeseed Company to bring a fresh, light scent to the Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve to increase its therapeutic benefits. Matching its affordability with its power to heal, this jar comes in at just $50 before tax. 

Thrive Elixir Tincture

Autumn Brands’ Thrive Elixir might be perfect for microdosing throughout the day. Each 2.5mg serving is infused with 100% full-spectrum cannabis oil from Autumn Brands sun-grown farms. You can expect to spend $50 before tax on a 300mg bottle. Dosing can seem difficult for liquids, so increase your dosage for desired effects after waiting for the initial onset or check our handy guide.

After 1 to 2 hours you might start to feel the full effects of the Thrive Elixir. The effects might leave you  calm and relaxed for whatever your day brings. This tincture might also be helpful for those sleepless nights and might make a more restful night’s sleep easier to achieve. As Autumn brands hold their commitment to keeping the plant and planet clean that extends to their tinctures and edibles. Thrive Elixir has no additives so you can trust you are getting the purest taste. Vegan, non-GMO, and made from MCT Oil and High Terpene Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil makes Thrive Elixir a potent full spectrum tincture. 

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