Alien Labs Guide: Powerful Exotic Flower, Concentrates, and Cartridges at Valley Pure

Alien Labs is anything but alien to the California cannabis game, and Valley Pure carries all of their newest and most cutting-edge products. The company has turned cannabis upside down with their out-of-this-world exotic strains and world-class genetics. Alien Labs creates products for cannabis consumers across California, taking tremendous care to develop strains that are unique and rich in flavor and terpenes.

For Alien Labs, cannabis is more than an industry, it’s an opportunity to potentially elevate a lifestyle and share a love for the plant. They make fresh, clean, and creative cannabis products that connoisseurs and consumers across California enjoy. 

Valley Pure and Alien Labs are a match made in heaven, with a shared commitment to giving you the best products on the market. You’ll find a great selection of their products at each Valley pure location. Use this handy guide for navigating some of our favorite products from this top-shelf brand.

Alien Labs Flower

Area 41 Indoor

Prepare to be potentially transported out of this world with Alien Labs Area 41 Indoor flower. You can find these eighths at Valley Pure Lemoore. Area 41 is a cross between Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41. Alien Labs has produced some of the most delicious strains on the planet, and Area 41 is no different. Its bright citrus aroma gives way to a woodsy smoke. It has a tart flavor profile, with lemon being a top reported taste. This strain is potentially perfect for spacing out or an evening inside. 

Baklava Indoor 

Baklava may be an increasingly common name for multiple strains, but Alien Labs has the original Baklava in California. The Baklava strain is a cross between Kosher Kush and Gelato 41. Baklava potentially delivers total body calm while keeping your mind sharp. The scent of berries and fresh citrus potentially transport you to sweet relaxation. This strain tastes as good as it smells, with most consumers saying it has a spicy aftertaste. Baklava is a true hybrid thanks to its lineage, and its potent terpene profile means you get an otherworldly flavor. 


Kryptochronic is a long-standing favorite of the Valley Pure staff. Alien Labs fuses Fruity Pebbles and Alien Cookies with Jet Fuel Gelato for a vibrant strain that comes from another planet. The truly gassy notes from Kryptochronic make it a strain for cannabis connoisseurs who like their strains funky. Through the gassy aroma, you also get a sweet berry flavor. The lingering sweetness makes Kryptochronic a rich terpene favorite among Valley Pure regulars. 

Biskante Indoor 

Biskante is as notorious as it is delicious. This cross between Melonade and Biscotti #6 is a high-powered concoction from Alien Labs. Biskante flawlessly balances the lemon terpenes to give off an overpoweringly sweet aroma. Instead of the usual tart from the lemon, Biskante is a creamy lemon sweetness. As a sativa leaning hybrid, it potentially gives you laser focus while alleviating aches, pains, and stress. Biskante is all your favorite parts of Melonade and Biscotti rolled into one simply sweet strain. 

Alien Labs Concentrates and Cartridges 

Melonade AIO Disposable 

Alien Labs doesn’t just produce high-quality hybrids and flower strains. They also develop cartridges and concentrates that are beyond unique. The Melonade AIO (All-In-One) disposable is no different. With discreet delivery, the AIO Disposable is an innovative experience. The Melonade AIO doesn’t skimp on flavor or potency. This terpene-rich strain hits fast with a fruity and fresh aroma. Melonade brings hints of watermelon and citrus to give you a fruit salad of flavor. Melonade is a top contender on any cannabis consumer’s list for a potentially euphoric strain.

Blasphemy Alien Cane Live Rosin 

Alien Cane Rosin comes to the Valley Pure shelves to collaborate with the award-winning company Suprize Suprize. By combining with Alien Labs’ rich, living soil cannabis to create what some might consider blasphemy. Alien Labs considers it art. The solventless goodness of the rosin creates a terpene-rich concoction of pure flavor. Alien Labs uses their first pull rosin in conjunction to create this rich, full-spectrum solventless concoction. The full spectrum experience potentially provided when you try Alien Cane Blasphemy Rosin is one-of-a-kind. When you try Alien Cane, you’ll be transported by its intense aroma and truly funky flavor. 

Alien Mints Sauce

We couldn’t round out our list without mentioning the fan-favorite—Alien Mints Sauce. This rich and smooth sauce from them is well known in the concentrate community. Alien Mints has an unmistakable terpene profile. Although it may be reminiscent of Wedding Cake, Alien Mints is a genuinely unique strain. It is intense with a diesel, motor oil aroma from the gate that settles into a creamy vanilla taste. Smoking this strain might produce a sinfully relaxing high that may alleviate body pain and uplift your mood.

You can always find a wide array of Alien Labs at our Valley Pure locations. Their terpene-rich, full-spectrum products are beloved across California. If you want to stay up to date on Alien Labs at Valley Pure, you can follow along on social media or check out their website for exclusive merch.




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