Top-Selling Affordable Cannabis Flower, Edibles, And Concentrates at Valley Pure

Valley Pure has become the most reliable and accessible chain of cannabis dispensaries in the Central Valley of California for a number of reasons. Aside from our outstanding customer service and attention to detail, customers rave about our wide menu selection. At any of the four Valley Pure locations (Woodlake, Lindsay, Lemoore, Farmersville,) you have access to the largest menu in the area in terms of quality and price. If you’re looking for affordable cannabis brands, we have countless recommendations.

We believe that affordable cannabis products should still hold their own level of quality. Just because the price is more accessible, doesn’t mean the quality should go down. Looking over the menus at our four locations, there are a few standout brands in terms of affordability, potency, and cleanliness. These are our current best-selling affordable cannabis brands between all Valley Pure dispensaries.

The Top Affordable Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and Concentrates at Valley Pure

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Sour Berry Strain by Almora Farm

Almora Farm is family-owned and consistently delivers quality and quantity for an affordable price. The growers they harbor treat their work like the artform it naturally is, ensuring a commitment to quality. You can find eighths of Almora’s Sour Berry cultivar at Valley Pure dispensaries in Lemoore and Woodlake for $25-30 before tax.

Sour Berry is a hybrid strain that crosses Sour Diesel #2 with Blueberry. The prominent terpene is myrcene, which suggests its potential to relax and calm the senses. 

Pacific Stone (Flower, Cartridges, Pre-Rolls)

Pacific Stone cultivates their cannabis in custom-built, coastal indoor greenhouses. On top of being a six-year-old cultivator, the team consists of sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse farmers. To make it even better, their eighths of flower and pre-rolls are particularly affordable.

Alongside those eighths and pre-rolls, there are also full-ounce servings of Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream we carry for $175-180. 3.5-gram servings range from $20-25 and include the 805 Glue, Wedding Cake, and Blue Dream strains. These prices do not include tax.

Valley Pure in Lemoore and Woodlake currently carry a wide selection of Pacific Stone products. You can also get 14 half-gram joints of Magic Melon for only $45, which amounts to less than $6.50 a gram before tax. Meanwhile, full-gram cartridges of Orange Cookies are in stock for $50 before tax.

The Top Affordable Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and Concentrates at Valley Pure

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3Bros (Cannabis Flower & Pre-Rolls)

3Bros strains have a slightly higher price tag, but not without reason. You may find that one-eighth of 3Bros cannabis will last you longer than the average cultivar, and that’s where that marginal price difference pays for itself. The nugs in these jars are consistently covered in resinous trichomes and give off loud terps.

Eigths of 3Bros range from $30-40, which is still a very accessible price for such high-quality bud. Valley Pure Lindsay currently offers gram pre-rolls for $15/each, and Farmersville has a five-pack for $45. Strains include Pai Gow, Ice Cream Cake, and Grease Monkey. These prices do not include tax. 3Bros products are currently available at our FarmersvilleLindsay, and Lemoore locations.

The Top Affordable Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and Concentrates at Valley Pure

Buddies Brand (THC Capsules, Crumble, Droppers, Cartridges, and More)

Buddies Brand is one of our top-selling brands for cartridges, capsules, dabs, and more. These products commit to a straightforward, condensed experience with cannabinoids and terpenes. Buddies’ THC Soft-Gel Capsules are just as popular as their concentrates in dropper syringes. They’re known for listing the dominant terpenes on their packaging and committing to rigorous lab testing.

Buddies Brand dab drippers go between $35-45 at our Farmersville and Lindsay locations. Tons of dabs and live distillate can also be found at our Lemoore location, averaging at $40 for a whole gram. The THC soft-gels, which come available in 5mg 60-packs or 50mg 20-packs, are $35 and $50 respectively. Buddies Brand is available at all Valley Pure locations (Woodlake, Farmersville, Lindsay, Lemoore.)


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